Free: Crime Beat Girl

A girl is dead. A boy is locked up. Can Debbie Bradley discover the truth before more lives are lost…maybe even her own? A series of deadly shootings. An outbreak of stolen cars. When journalist Debbie Bradley returns home to St. Louis, the summer crime wave has started. And she’s in the center: A witness, a reporter, a target. Free on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

The Secrets of the Kings

Who are we, really, underneath the masks we choose to wear? Alex Kincaid is twenty-four years old. She leads a quiet life in a college town, works at Galen Industries, and spends most of her free time with her co-workers. Her friends, like Emma Bastian, who read too many romance novels, want to meddle in Alex’s love life. That’s what friends do, right? Yet Alex is too preoccupied with the odd letter she’s received. It grants her a large inheritance from a total stranger who was the collec... [Read More...]

The Elementary Bugler: Learning to play Bb Trumpet before you need to use the valves

Learn the foundational elements of Trumpet playing while not being concerned with learning how to use the valves. In The Elementary Bugler you will find a bunch of limited-range bugle calls, all composed by the author, that are not technically challenging to play, fun and, most importantly, accessible for the beginning Trumpet player. When he was a volunteer Bugler with Bugles Across America playing Taps at Military Funerals, he asked himself, “How could the playing of Bugle Calls help my... [Read More...]

Reluctant Host

Bret Parker lives in Manhattan while undergoing experimental treatment to cure his cancer. A threatening Spanish word repeatedly pops into his head: azoramiento. It translates to ‘trepidation,’ which is exactly how Bret feels. As days pass, more words emerge, just as terrifying, all in Spanish. Is his mind being taken over, one word at a time? Veronica Navarro, assistant curator at the prestigious Museum of Hispanic History, meets Bret by chance. He has a certain charm and is muy guapo. Fin... [Read More...]

Building Your Forever Family : How God Changes Lives Through Adoption and Fostering

Are you looking into the possibility of adopting or fostering a child, but you”re not sure if it’s the right decision, how it works, what the adoption process is really like, or what you can expect? In this book, author Danise Rapetti takes you through her family’s journey from fostering to adoption. She shares the good, the bad, and everything in between. $4.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Sammi Super Snapper

This book is designed for girls ages 8 to 16, to help them understand why they bite their nails and the potential impacts on their health. It includes a private workbook area to journal and track steps to success. With the help of a friendly rubber wristband named Sammi, girls can beat their nail-biting habit in 30 days. $4.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Fireworks with Three Mountain Men

My sister’s ex wants to make me his. And his two equally hot friends are ready to join the party. With all this sexual tension between the four of us… I’m feeling sparks like the Fourth of July!! Dylan is my sister’s ex-boyfriend and as dreamy as they come. He’s protective, strong, and as big as the mountains he calls home. Red is quiet and thoughtful. Like a huge teddy bear, I want to cuddle with all night long. Cash is wild, flirty, and a complete force of nature... [Read More...]


Good-hearted loner Phil Kyle leaves his successful career for an isolated mountain cabin. Neurotic thoughts and skirmishes paralyze him as the harsh winter he longs for sets in. Then, an enigmatic priest befriends Phil at Sunday mass and convinces him to volunteer for a project with a seemingly reserved woman. Phil’s world slowly expands as his deepening connections with the priest and woman muffle his inner turmoil. He pursues things he’s only dreamed of and allows for the possibility of r... [Read More...]

First Comes Love

  Xavier Parker gets what he wants. Richer than God. Hotter than fire. Colder than ice. Father of my child. And he has no idea. As London’s top restauranteur, he has the golden touch, but he rules his world with an iron fist. Now he’s back in New York with two objectives: Open the newest hotspot in the city. And win back my heart, five years after he broke it. I’d run in the opposite direction, but it’s been so long… And Xavier knows my recipe. Passion. Pleasure. Just the rig... [Read More...]