Your Words…Poetry

Your Words, a three-volume collection from Canadian poet and photographer Louise Belanger, offers a shutter-click moment of restorative calm and reflection, a glimpse into a personal relationship with spirituality, as well as a (gentle) interrogation of self and wider world. From its effusive dedication and opening poem , Belanger’s first collection, Your Words, sets out its stall early as one of the many lockdown projects to flourish during the pandemic, “I will again…” a declarati... [Read More...]

West From Here – Historical Fiction

The first in a series of historical adventures by debut novelist William H. Brown, West From Here follows a boy’s efforts to restore a lost family heirloom and, perhaps more importantly, his father’s battered sense of self-worth. The boy, Elias James, hatches a plan with his cousins to recover the heirloom from the Creek Indians and ride home as a hero. But like all great adventure stories, things don’t quite work out as planned. Set in 1800s Georgia, the opening chapters commence a front... [Read More...]

Home to Clare Harbor Series

Looking for clean women’s fiction with a kick of suspense and mystery? Look no further than the 10-book Home to Clare Harbor series by author Jacie Middlemann. Middlemann’s saga begins with a diverse range of characters preparing for a devastating storm that threatens their homes and their lives. Each book dives deeper into the personal tragedies, struggles, and triumphs of each character to keep readers hooked. If you love thrillers and contemporary family dramas, keep reading to get a snea... [Read More...]

Illuminating Chakra-Inspired Poetry by Maria Kitsios

According to ancient Indian writings contained in the Vedas, our bodies are made up of seven key energy centers known as chakras. Each chakra is associated with a particular color, element, sound, major organ, mantra, and location within the body. The Vedas theorizes that each of the seven chakras are situated along the spine, from the pelvis to the top of the head as shown in the image below: Author and licensed massage therapist (LCT) Maria Kitsios is currently working on a poetry series insp... [Read More...]

African-American Short Fiction by Lauren Wilson

Afro-Bougie Blues by Lauren Wilson is a collection of vignette stories that detail the activities of African American characters with real-life challenges and lived experiences. The stories are emotionally moving and thought-provoking as they are written in a way that sounds to the reader’s mind as pure thought and conversations from one person to another. The book opens with Mourning Angela the story of Alexis a woman that has suffered loss by way of miscarriages, betrayal of a first love... [Read More...]

Historical Fiction based on the Mahabharata Epic

Manu Nellutla’s new historical fiction novel Janya Bharata: The War transports readers back in time to India several thousand years ago. His novel weaves a story in and around the Mahabharata epic (the Great Epic of the Bharata Dynasty). For those who don’t know this epic poem, it tells the story of two branches of a family – the Pandavas and Kauravas – who fight in the Kurukshetra War and battle for the throne of Hastinapura. The story is scriptural, historical, and phi... [Read More...]

What Are Escher Sentences?

In 2004, linguist and professor Mark Liberman came across the following quote: “More people have written about this than I have.” The University of Pennsylvania professor couldn’t believe that nobody had noticed anything wrong with this phrase, which was a clear example of an Escher sentence. What is an Escher sentence? Escher sentences, also known as comparative illusions, are comparative sentences which seem to be make a logical comparison but upon closer reflection have no meaning ... [Read More...]

What A Dream: Poetry by Ronnell Beaty

Looking for poetry that will bring you some happiness? Author and poet Ronnell Beaty offers a new collection of somewhat aspirational poems  in his second book, What A Dream: My Subconscious Poetry.   What A Dream: My Subconscious Poetry If you need some encouragement, and some positive uplifting energy in your life, this collection of poetry will deliver the inspiration you need. Poet Ronnell Beaty takes readers on a journey through his own subconscious in a series of 10 free verse poem... [Read More...]

Women’s Fiction: Love, Marriage, Family, and the Choices We Make

Women’s fiction tends to focus on the conflicts women experience when balancing their personal and professional lives, and Lisa Slabach is someone who can wholeheartedly understand these struggles. As an author, mother, and a leading sales manager for a Fortune 500 company, Slabach is familiar with the internal troubles that most women can identify with. In her heartwarming and riveting novels, Slabach expertly captures these feelings and weaves powerful stories about unforgettable women who ... [Read More...]

Adventurous Historical Fiction from Bruce Mitchell

If you’re looking for adventure back in old times you can’t go wrong with historical fiction novels, which balance an accurate depiction of the past with compelling characters. Author Bruce Mitchell has mastered this genre, writing three unique novels that are sure to interest fans of historical fiction. Wide Sky People This is the debut novel of Bruce Mitchell’s Thornton series, which introduces us to the Thornton family. It’s the early 1840s, and Mick and Cate Thornton decide to reloc... [Read More...]