Reasonably Through Life

During the last ten years, many sayings of professor Eraldo Banovac have been quoted worldwide. This book is an amazing compilation of his sayings – comprising various aspects of human activity: from philosophical issues, time, human nature, wisdom, happiness, friendship, knowledge, ideas, problem-solving, success, leadership & management, education and exams to a handful of funny remarks. Almost 400 sayings classified per appropriate fields will incite readers to consider important life ... [Read More...]

Free: Twisting in Headstands and Heavy Drinking

In an unruly Midwest town, Tristan – a college fraternity president – pinballs between failed relationships in an unholy battle with depression. Locked in savage self-abuse at the hands of booze and cigarettes – and surrounded by a collection of part-time degenerates he calls, “Brothers” – Tristan must confront his own inner turmoil, as he searches desperately for some main vein of American life in the swirling backdrop of mental illness. ... [Read More...]

Venice Beach: A Novel

Finn, a hard-drinking and cantankerous Irish writer, is in the midst of a downward spiral. After the death of his wife, he finds himself penniless and with nowhere to go but West to live with his daughter in Venice Beach. There he meets an eccentric cast of determined survivors who help give him the inspiration to get back to the success he once knew. As soon as he feels ready to dig his way out of the darkness, he finds himself the prime suspect in a murder investigation that threatens his lif... [Read More...]

The Ruelani Chronicles: The Chamber

A medically discharged army ranger, Kyle thought his life was set. Forcing himself to work through his injuries and relaxing in the evenings on his lonely, if beautiful acreage. He missed the army and his ranger buddies, but then life is what it is. Little did he know that the life he thought he had was about to change. While walking a new section of his land, he discovered a mystery. Doing a little exploring he finds a chamber buried in inside a hill. It was most definitely not natural, but it... [Read More...]

Shift Change

Anyone can work in a convenience store, but some people really shouldn’t… James Sims is a recent college graduate who has done everything by the book, but that doesn’t mean that he has actually done anything right. He has done everything but figure out what he is going to do with the rest of his life, and thus he finds himself working nights at the busiest gas station in a small Michigan town. It’s the last place he should be. $6.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Free: Beneath all this Beauty – Poems and Photographs

The book “Beneath all this beauty” combines poetry with photographs, written media and visual media. Poetry that comes out gushing, crying and kicking, laughing and hitting, while touching different issues. Photographs were chosen that envelope the poems, adding a visual component that enriches the reading experience, and offers the reader an additional experiential dimension. Free on Kindle. ... [Read More...]