Coyote’s Road Trip

“From beginning to end this story is beautiful.” Review on Amazon Coyote Jim, a shapeshifter, takes off in search of a new home. In a post-climate change dystopian future, Coyote, the guardian spirit of a desert valley in Nevada, is forced out of his home by the heat, the drought, and the deaths of his friends. He hits the road on a journey through the Pacific Northwest, looking for new home. Along the way he discovers a new purpose for his existence. $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

The Book of Mathew L.

Mathew grew up a loner in a large family in a small town. When he gets to grad school, there’s a lot to distract him from finishing his Ph.D. thesis: a partner with “emotional issues”: a teen daughter Linda; the need to balance the loving and feeding of his eclectic family with social justice ambitions and the temptations that pop up at a university. One day Mathew and Linda set out on the road to the mountains of North Carolina to support some Black hospital workers seeking to un... [Read More...]

Bravely and Faithfully

A New Captain’s First Patrol Turns into a Fight for Their Lives Sam Powell gets a well-deserved promotion to Lieutenant Commander and a coveted slot at the Naval War College. His replacement, hard-charging young Lieutenant Haley Reardon, is about to get a baptism of fire aboard her new command, the Coast Guard patrol boat Kauai. Opening with the rescue of a young family from a stricken sailboat in the middle of a major hurricane, Bravely and Faithfully presents an exciting series of adven... [Read More...]

Codename Poltergeist: Some call him a ghost

The CIA and presidential cabinet members covertly enter into an agreement with the Palestinians to remove certain key Israeli government figures in a plan to enable the United States to claim that they engineered peace in the Middle East and gain the favor of Arabic countries and likely gain favor to increase energy supply. Sentinel, a group of angelic-type beings who monitor the Earth, are very concerned that the United States could be igniting a major conflict if the Israelis learn of the pla... [Read More...]

Mothers of Pine Way

Candelaria’s power lies trapped within her rage. How can she overcome her anger and free her power? Her husband’s horrific death has crippled the family, yet she must cast off the shadows of the past to realize her destiny. Many obstacles will stand in her way, including her fears for her troubled son, Jim. But, her mother’s sudden death teaches Candelaria that the only way out is to step in. $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

My Canvas Bag

Mark is a young man born into a bad family situation. He escapes from the chaos of his home by spending time in the woods near his house. Mark has a hidden canvas bag that contains blankets, a flashlight, and more. The canvas bag makes it possible for him to be in the woods. Mark’s life is a constant struggle to avoid the judgments of his family being placed on him. He feels helpless. As Mark gets older, he makes some bad decisions. When Mark discovers his ability to write, he discovers h... [Read More...]

Rising Wind

This suspense action series of the Rising Wind series by Diane Olsen with book three, a prequel to the first two books, so it’s not necessary to have read the first two begins with the lead characters, Sage Dalton and L.W., are the parents of the main character in the other Rising Wind books. Although the characters are different and it is set in an earlier time period, the tone of the book is very similar. This time they discover an ancient text in a Mexican desert tomb that leads Sage, ... [Read More...]

Free: The Color of Miracles

Thomas Hall is an artist with astonishing talent–and he knows it. Since his days as a child prodigy, he has reveled in recognition and believed in his inevitable destiny. Chosen. Entitled. He presumes his artistic brilliance deserves a lavish life of independence, fast cars, and drop-dead gorgeous women. Thomas Hall wants it all and more. But God has other plans. When “Cass” the woman from the Healing Place, walks into Thomas’s life, nothing can ever be the same again. Thomas finds hims... [Read More...]

Free: War and Wrens: Book 3 of The Tales of Zren Janin

It has been two years since Zren Janin was found on the road to Aldi. He has found a family and a place to belong with the Conrosans at Manumina, and now that home is threatened. In desperation, he writes Ngahuru, the great Softfoot of the West Islands. He tells her war has come to Kerek and the Kereki army has tried to burn them out at Manumina. He asks for help to keep his people safe. Instead of a letter in return, Ngahuru comes to Manumina in another maskovesto. She brings her information g... [Read More...]