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A Family Caregiver’s Guide: 7 Secrets to Convert Negative Triggers to Positive Emotions

In “7 Secrets to Convert Negative Triggers to Positive Emotions,” you’ll discover how to: 1. Identify your current state of emotion (and emotional triggers) 2. Create a deliberate positive emotional state 3. Free yourself from automatic negative thoughts (ANTs) 4. Prevent family miscommunication and manage conflict 5. Boost your physical, mental, financial, and emotional well-being 6. Choose to act the love 7. Plan your post-caregiving future/find your life purpose. $2.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

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A Bunny Rabbit is Moving In!

A witty and insightful peek into the world of raising a rabbit inside the home. The book is designed for first-time rabbit owners and provides a great deal of useful information regarding proper rabbit care. Important subject matter for new rabbit owners is included in this book and it is delivered in an easy to read format. Endearing photos of rabbits are also included. The main character in the book is the author’s current rabbit Benjamin. Benjamin is a Californian, a domestic breed als... [Read More...]

Protecting Yourself In Our Advancing Cyber World

This book is intended to help the average person bridge the knowledge gap and address the wide array of risks that many of us face in today’s world of complex and emerging technology; especially as we are often forced to integrate that technology into our daily lives more rapidly than we can gain sufficient competence to understand, utilize and control it. Included is a comprehensive description of the various types of cyber threats and protective measures, along with case studies, an onl... [Read More...]

How to Live Abroad and Thrive with Passive Income

Living in foreign countries leads to some of the most rewarding and exciting experiences of life, but planning the entire process of choosing where to live, earning an income, and making the most of the time there can be extremely daunting. How To Live Abroad and Thrive with Passive Income takes the fear and uncertainty out of the equation by breaking down the whole process into manageable steps. $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

The Irritability Cure: How To Stop Being Angry, Anxious and Frustrated All The Time

If you want to be happier, healthier, and more peaceful, this book is for you! Dr. Mort Orman has been studying irritability and the impact of anger on your health, success, and life for years. In his research, he found a proven strategy that works for getting rid of anger and irritability fast, without drugs or medications. When you eliminate negative thoughts and energy from your life, you’ll feel a sense of calm an inner peace like you’ve never felt before. Learn how to reprogram... [Read More...]

Live a Bold Life: Your 30-Day Mission to a Fearless Future

“Is this all there is to life?” Do you count down the days until it’s Friday? Is self-doubt coming between you and your dreams? In Live a Bold Life, Brooks shares the wisdom gained after grieving the death of her parents, losing 75 pounds, and finding the courage to move abroad. She helps you create Intuitive Affirmations and find the courage to live the bold life you were born to live. $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]