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Free: Love, Simplified: Practical Habits to Creating the Ultimate Loving Relationship

Love should have been easy enough. All humans are born with the capacity to love, and we all crave it. Yet so many fails at love. Why? Why so many unhappy marriages and divorces? More important – what should one do to beat the statistics and succeed? This book will give you both answers. In this book, you will find a new understanding of what love really is, and a set of practical, simple steps to make love bloom in your life and your relationship, now and forever. “People tend to think of ... [Read More...]

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The Next Bestseller: Book Marketing for Success

So, you’ve written a book, but now what? How can your book become a bestseller? Can you really sell your books and share your message? Is it possible to actually make money as an author? While your book may be the best thing since “How to Win Friends and Influence People,” if no one knows it exists, then it will join the millions of other books on the pile of the unknowns. What’s the solution? Marketing! Maybe, you didn’t sign up to be a marketer; you only want to write books. Bestsel... [Read More...]

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From Stressy & Messy to Organized & Optimized

House clutter, clothes piling up, loose papers everywhere, overflowing cabinets and jam-packed drawers? Our stuff is taking over our lives! It’s exhausting. It’s defeating. It’s depressing. And it’s not just the messes in our homes, we now have digital disasters and digital clutter too. Chronic clutter and disorganization can affect our cortisol levels, creativity and our ability to focus. It’s time to get control of the clutter and organize your home and your digital life... [Read More...]

Free: Think Again: My Seven Stage Journey from Self-Sabotage to Success

Think Again challenges you to rethink your situation, reframe your relationship with your past, and to put it behind you once and for all. By the time you’re done reading Think Again, you’ll be able to: – Create a new relationship with difficult situations from your past (or present) – Stop the drama in your head about what others may or may not think or say of you. Most often, it’s not true. But the drama you imagine makes it feel real. – Discover paths to getting rid o... [Read More...]