127 Math Riddles for Smart Kids

If you’ve always wanted a fun experience with maths riddles but end up confused or frustrated by cluttered riddle books with short explanations and complicated layouts, then keep reading. Are you annoyed by having to search for answers at the back of a book for every individual riddle? Are you puzzled by math’s riddles that give little to no explanations? If so, then this book is for you. You see, having fun and problem solving does not have to be confusing or difficult. Even if you... [Read More...]

Grow Your Own Medicine: Discover the Healing Power of Over 200 Herbs and How to Craft Them into Simple, Yet Potent, Natural Remedies

As the son of an herbal enthusiast, Spencer Yates saw firsthand the healing power contained in medicinal herbs. Growing up, he adopted his mothers passion for natural remedies, finding relief from various medical conditions from within his own garden. Now, he wants to pass his knowledge and experience over to you. Discover the secrets of over 200 herbs and their medicinal qualities, and gain access to 75 proven recipes designed to provide potent relief for a variety of ailments. Don’t wai... [Read More...]

Mister Moonfeld’s Lost Luck Box

What if a treasure chest held the greatest treasure of all your lost luck? Billy, a brilliant young engineer, believes his luck is trapped in a box at the bottom of the sea. Every time he takes his hands out of his pockets, disaster strikes, breaking everything around him. To reclaim his luck, he joins the magical Mister Moonfeld on a thrilling underwater adventure. As they dive deeper, Billy opens up about his misfortune, which began with a cruel joke from a bully at the school’s invento... [Read More...]

The Best Weed I Never Smoked: A Rebels Journey To Success

This book gives the reader an intimate look into how the author overcomes real life obstacles and grows from a struggling realtor to an industry leader and business owner. At the same time, Arun also evolves from a recreational user to an advocate for change. This story will make you question the motives of the war on drugs and opens your eyes to the injustice it can have on everyday people. But this is not a victims tale, this is a story about finding success and happiness despite mistakes wit... [Read More...]

The Manhattan Men Box Set 1

Mr. Real Rich Nothing tastes better than winning over a woman. Especially one who owns a candy co. This single mom will sell her company. My rich family demands it. Mr. Handsome Hunk My best friend’s little sister is the one I’ve always wanted, but she left. Now she’s back & I’m a billionaire. Time to take what’s mine. For good. Mr. Manly Man Love is for girls & suckers. At least that’s what I tell myself. Then I need a fake fiance to make my ex jealo... [Read More...]

Honeymoon Gone Wrong

It is supposed to be the honeymoon of the century, set against the milieu of one of the world’s most picturesque views. There is nothing on Albury’s and Nia’s radar to suggest that grave danger is on the horizon. It strikes without warning. $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Said the Spider to the Fly

This is the story of three generations of women caught in a web of abuse. It is a tightly woven tale of love, family, overcoming adversity, and survival. The story unfolds through confession in a journal written by matriarch Dorothy and read by her granddaughter Rachael. The words reveal disturbing details about the family and Rachael herself. $1.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]