EMDR Workbook: Start Healing from PTSD, Trauma, and Anxiety Today

Master proven-effective, fast-acting EMDR techniques to heal PTSD, trauma, anxiety, and more with this empathetic guide. Tailored techniques, real-world scenarios, and grounding exercises offer a practical approach to long-term recovery. Transform your life, tackling various emotional wounds with this step-by-step, personalized workbook from home. $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Sailing South ’til the Butter Melts

Most cats dont dream about sailing around the world. Neither did Chowder. But in the 1990s, she somewhat reluctantly joined her caregivers, Captain Lee and mate Sheila, on a voyage that lasted six years, covering over 45,000 miles while visiting foreign lands and remote paradise islands. This first of three books in the series covers the first two years of the voyage as told byChowder. $6.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Free: The Gift: Teach Kids Patience!

Teach your child patience One sunny morning the envelopes came Colorful, shiny, with each creatures name. Some opened them carefully, others just tore And all of them knew just what lay in store. “You’re invited to the palace next Sunday at two It’s the king’s birthday party; he’ll be waiting for you. The Lion King celebrates just once a year – So come one and all we’re expecting you here!” Free on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Wild Wolf Betrothal

From packmates to soulmates: When friendships evolve into passion. Lucy Stratton had her life planned out. Her plans came to a screeching halt when she was ordered to honor the betrothal she entered into when she was a child. Being mated to someone she wasn’t in love with definitely wasn’t in her plans. Needing time to think about her options, she went on a journey, finding herself in Ivy Springs. Micah Degani was about to become alpha, tracked her down, determined to make her fall ... [Read More...]

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From jobless teen to millionaire business owner, strategies forged in the school of life to help you turn your passion into a thriving business, even if you’ve never studied business before! Do you have a genius idea that you’d love to monetize? Have you made vital connections with people who share your dreams and ambitions, and do you hunger for a better life? Perhaps the 9-to-5 lifestyle was never cut out for you, and you dont want to live from paycheck to paycheck. Listening to t... [Read More...]

Free: Edge of the Barrier

No one alive remembers that day. No one alive remembers the monsters that destroyed the world. Anne Blankenship has only seen blurry photographs and rough sketches of the aliens. All she knows is that one day, they invaded Earth, and then the next, NewMerica was forced to live within a force field to protect its people from the creatures. But for Anne, that happened over a thousand years ago, and all she cares about now is to pass her career test and become a doctor like her father. But riots i... [Read More...]

The Salvation Project

Finalist for political thriller of the year. U.S. President Isabel Tennyson (“Tenny”), having survived impeachment, attempted assassination and sex scandals, runs for re-election unaware her opponent is a Manchurian Candidate figurehead promoted by a ruthless international cabal determined to change America forever. “Be forewarned: there’s a lot of juicy action to digest here…and just when it seems like a tidy ending will evolve, yet another unexpected twist emerge... [Read More...]

A Holiday Love Affair

Doesnt everyone deserve forgiveness on Christmas? My ex is the last person I want to see. Especially here. Without love in my life, Ive poured myself into my career. I dont need anything else. Thats what I thought. Now shes walking around my business and my head. All. The. Time. I cant shake her or the way she makes me sweat with need. The worst part? She holds my fate in her hands. One wrong word and she could destroy my reputation. I might even deserve it after how I left her all those years ... [Read More...]

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100 Walls To Be Broken

Do you feel like you’re not smart enough, wealthy enough, or deserving of happiness? Do you often let fear, anxiety, or guilt hold you back from finding success? Are you searching for practical, real-world strategies to shift your mindset and tear down the walls of negativity that are holding you hostage? Then this book is for you. Beautifully written with an empowering collection of deeply authentic stories and mindset-shifting exercises, this practical book aims to give you the courage ... [Read More...]