Cutter’s Mission

An immortal Biker Daddy walks into a bar… and finds a boy who needs him. Abbott is a boy on the run. Cutter is a member of the motorcycle club who longs for a boy of his own. When Abbott needs help, the last place he expects to find it is in a small-town biker bar. When Cutter takes one look at the scared but gorgeous redhead, he wants to do more than help. He wants Abbott for his own. But can he protect Abbott from the evil that’s chasing him? $2.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Trial by Sabotage

Two sisters, one messy court case, and two handsome sidekicks add up to one helluva ride! A high-speed pursuit was the last thing Anna expected when she set out on a road trip to the spa with her sister. But, when you learn your sister is the main focus of an FBI investigation, plans tend to change. A deadly crime boss is hell-bent on wrecking her sister’s blossoming legal career, and now it’s not only her future in the balance—Anna has an arrest warrant waiting for her too! If the FBI ca... [Read More...]

The Billionaire’s Second Chance

Fake it with me. That’s what he wanted. My best friend’s brother. Oh, you know the one. Tall. Messy brown hair. Rich as hell. And my ex-boyfriend that I let go years ago to give him freedom to make something of himself. But the past is the past, and honestly, I’m broke. I could use a pick-me-up, and his offer not only helps my pocketbook, but lets me get some points with my best friend too. Did I mention the man is hot enough to melt me and every other woman in the room? *girly sigh* Besi... [Read More...]

Just My Brother’s BFF

Isabella was my best friend’s sister– forbidden. But someone forgot to tell her the rules. I was a billionaire, rich, handsome and powerful with women panting after me but the only woman I wanted treated me like a cozy teddy bear.I forced myself to move on and find another girl, any girl, or at least make all my friends THINK I had another girl. Suddenly, Isabella was wearing barely any clothes, teasing me, getting jealous– This wasn’t platonic at all..Isabella joined the game a... [Read More...]

The Case of Dr Dude: A K9 Police Hero Novel

At the intersection of greed and evil… …lies a human trafficking. Can McPherson crack the case? Retired homicide detective Michaela McPherson put in her twenty and got out. Now, she runs a cop bar and does a little sleuthing on the side with her former partner, retired police dog, Angel. It was a pretty good setup, until she heard about the case. A young woman went to the dentist. And wasn’t seen again. $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Chains of Time

She saw him in her visions. She knew that the slaver Van Owen would come — that he would raid her village, steal her power, and take her away in chains. No one believed her, and now they are all gone. And now he has pursued her across time, and he is hunting her descendants as well. But how can she stop someone who is immortal? $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Free: Leader Armor: Leadership for the Law Enforcement First-line Supervisor

Are you a sworn or civilian law enforcement supervisor? Are you considering becoming a first-line supervisor? Are you interested in becoming a better leader? If so, this is the book to read. You have spent some time learning all the skills it takes to be a good cop, deputy, agent, or civilian member of a law enforcement agency. You’ve proven yourself on the front lines. You relied on tools such as protective instruments, defensive tactics, handcuffs, firearms, and your experience. In shor... [Read More...]

Then Like The Blind Man: ORBIE’S STORY

While fiction about the 1950s Civil Rights era is far from rare, few capture the period and struggles from the perspective of a white child. At nine, Orbie seems to live his life along a precipice. He is burdened with an overabundance of difficult choices which would be beyond the capacities of most boys his age–but Orbie is about to discover he’s no ordinary boy… Then Like The Blind Man: ORBIE’S STORY is an electrifying porthole to the South of the ’50s, where, th... [Read More...]