Free: World Football Domination

It’s 2050 and the renaissance of football (soccer) thinking has just begun. This is the first instalment of a football science fiction journey shared by two countries from opposite ends of the world. ‘Are you sure there is no wreckage?’ ‘Nothing at all, we checked all the surrounding areas and nothing.’ Gunnar’s mind shifted to conspiracy theories and the possibility there was foul play at hand. When Gunnar Grimsson’s player identification drone goes missing on the outskirts o... [Read More...]

Fated To Die

Inspired by the Scottish folktale, Bean Nighe (a.k.a. The Washer Woman) with a hint of Beauty and the Beast. Never in a million years did Preya believe she’d be chosen by the curse on her village. Outcasted for her appearance, Preya has never bothered trying to fit in. Friends, balls, and romance are for eligible maidens, not a pariah who spends her time caring for her family. But this year is different. Each Summer Solstice the Washer Woman enslaves a maiden of seventeen as her Messenger, a ... [Read More...]

The Twin Sisters Fears

“Jessica!!!” Laurel screeched for her twin sister, hopping from foot to foot as she weighed the content of the mail in her hand, daring not to open it yet, or even breathe well. They had been waiting for this particular mail for two weeks, and everyday had gone by in slow, agonizing torture as they waited. The thing about waiting for a long time is that it gives you the time to think about several things, and not all of them are pleasant. But, Jessica and Laurel had somehow found a way to b... [Read More...]

Where Do The Children Play?

A coming-of-age story of twin boys who finally get adopted after having lived in foster homes for most of their lives. While things are not perfect at their new home they are very grateful to have one. Wesley still has a real desire to learn more about his past, though, while at the same time trying to forget it and move on. $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Free: The Lord of Long Shadows

Alex Winters is a twenty-year-old orphan who just wants a quiet life, and possibly a red Camero. All of that changes after a chance encounter one night transports her to Aquillon, a world under the merciless control of a court of demons. Given only one clue to find her way home from a world beyond her understand, Alex must journey across Aquillon on an adventure that will push her courage to the breaking point. Free on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Blood Ink and Fire

From #1 Amazon Bestselling Author, Ashley Mansour comes a dystopian thriller, a terrifying vision of the future that readers say is reminiscent of Ray Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451… “YOU HAVE TO READ THIS BOOK! It’s like reading Fahrenheit 451 all over again and that is a good thing! Promise!” “Like nothing I’ve read before! Absolutely LOVED this book!” “A promising debut. Beautifully written…” “Absolutely riveting! I couldn’t put it down once I started reading... [Read More...]

Free: Awakening (Sorciel Saga, Book 1)

Jackson Thomas has never believed in the supernatural until a mythological creature rescues him from the Louisiana bayou. Thinking his imagination is to blame, Jackson dismisses the incident until fantasy collides with reality again. Jackson and his family are attacked by ghostly shadows, and Jackson’s dad goes missing. Embarking on a mission to find his dad, Jackson and his best friend, Trey, discover Isles in the sky brimming with mystery, prophecy, and familiar faces. If Jackson accepts hi... [Read More...]

Love Lessons

On the verge of winning the biggest literary prize at Shelfbrooke, Rex swears off all girls and parties, and prepares for a distraction-free semester. But when his grades aren’t good enough to participate in the contest, he ends up in tutoring with the new exchange student, the perfect distraction from his work. Zara’s been banished to a boring boarding school in America to work on her English. She’s willing to do whatever it takes to get back to France as soon as possibleR... [Read More...]

Paranormal Misfits Box Set 1-4

It’s not every day your fated mate targets you for assassination. A lonely foster teen meets a Fae warrior on assignment. Crysta is freakishly different, never quite fitting in with her various foster families. Her shocking looks and creepy powers scare off potential friends, and her otherworldly presence tends to attract unwelcome and dangerous admirers. Now that she is finally on her own, her plan is to focus on dance, trust absolutely no one, and avoid the rest of humanity. Her plans a... [Read More...]