Free: Taken by the Hellhounds

Jessi was told not to take the shortcut through the cemetery. Unfortunately, she doesn’t believe the rumors about the monstrous beasts that live there. Until they show up to take their pound of flesh. Now, she is at the mercy of creatures who do not know the meaning of the word. Free on Kindle. ... [Read More...]


When Californians start getting sick from their drinking water, engineer Jake Bendel is forced to work with the FBI to discover the cause. The clock is ticking. Can they stop the terrorists and save millions of people? A thought-provoking thriller about a very real threat to the essence of life: water. “An entertaining, action-packed tale involving viruses and terrorism.” – Kirkus Reviews “A thriller that stacks up against any on your bookshelf, Waterborne is a penetrating novel... [Read More...]

Far From Paradise

Here lies twelve grounded unique and harrowing horror stories written by Wayne Hopkins. Through out this collection, numerous appeals of the horror genre are explored through contemporary tales as well as atrocious imagery. Some stories revolve around simple frights while others have the skin of the metaphysical; from something trivial like the irrational fear of insects to a lanky razor-mouthed ghoul blending in with trees at dusk, and many more. $5.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Free: Double Obsession

Best-selling romance author Jenna Gibson hasn’t written a word in months, and supermodel Hunter Stone has to make some tough decisions if he wants to remain on the A list. Good thing their devoted fan, Arkansas Buchanan, knows how to save them both. If only they’d respond to the thousands of messages she’s sent them. Unfortunately, if they continue to ignore her, things might become deadly. Free on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

The Visitor

Fiercely independent Mary, a New Age store owner in New Orleans, will lose her business and home to her high school ex-boyfriend and nemesis developer unless she forces herself to accept help from others and to learn trust—including an Italian mystical new customer and her fellow renters. $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Secret Daddy

My darkest secret? I allowed a complete stranger to seduce me. That night I walked away with two things: His first name. And his baby. Now he’s back and this time he’s not letting me out of his sight. Those few hours we shared together were the most erotic of my life. Dominic showed me what a real man’s touch was like. He awakened parts of me I never knew existed. But it all went up in flames after I learned the truth about him. And I left as fast as I could. Now, years later, he̵... [Read More...]

No Place for Tender Hearts

California, 1852. In a town where men outnumber women 50 to 1, Caroline Dougherty carves a path of wealth and influence. Forced to fend off a power grab by her former lover who seeks to bring in a large mining corporation, she finds herself under attack on another front when a young woman with a past turns up on her doorstep. $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]