The Alien Who Woke Earth: A First Contact Drama

The world isn’t fair and no one seems to care. When a big silver being with lethal powers falls from the sky, Devon enlists it in her quest to change the world into a better place. They set off to visit the president, and, along the way, collect an army of followers excited by the alien’s power. But the president knows they’re coming and uses all his powers to try to stop them. Will they overcome the rising tide of obstacles and get to Washington? And if they do, will anyone l... [Read More...]

Boost Your Bullsh*t Resilience At Work

Are you fed up with the daily grind at your workplace? Do you wish there was a way to navigate the ups and downs of office politics with ease and even have fun at work? Let this book help you with that! In “Boost Your Bullsh*t Resilience At Work,” renowned author Chris Reavis presents 13 proven practices to help you not only survive but thrive in the often chaotic world of work. Drawing on the latest evidence-based research and science-backed strategies, Reavis combines practical ad... [Read More...]

Phoenix Rising

Charlie Phoenix Picard lost her father in a motorcycle accident when she was just eight. Due to severe injuries to her throat she was left mute. Raised by her uncle, her life has been one boarding school after another. After returning home, she stumbles onto information that could drag her uncle into a club war. Her only option is to get in good with the local Road Devils MC. Luck seems to be on her side when she’s mistaken for a guy by the clubs Sgt. at arms. Between clubhouse parties an... [Read More...]

A Tale of Survival and Escape

Survive the Wilderness: A Tale of Unyielding Spirit When Jill Harper decides to navigate the serene yet untamed Appalachian Mountains, she envisions a tranquil drive home from college for her spring break. The journey she’s made countless times before takes a harrowing detour, thrusting her into an unforeseen survival ordeal. Amidst the dense canopy and winding trails, Jill’s courage is tested beyond her wildest imagination when roadblocks force her to venture into the heart of the ... [Read More...]

My Mountain Man Recluse

She’s half my age. She’s my best friends daughter. She’s off limits, and she’s stranded in my cabin When Izzie turns up all youthful energy and sunshine, I can barely face her. But no matter how grumpy I am, I cant drive her away. She’s the reason I live up here on the mountain, hidden away. She’s the only woman I desire. But this love is forbidden. Her fathers my best friend. If only he knew what I wanted to do to his daughter My Mountain Man Recluse is a fo... [Read More...]

All Duke and Bothered

99 Promo! Hot Regency Romance, with enemies to lovers in an arranged marriage and a Beauty and the Beast vibe! Brooding Duke Preston Seaton seeks revenge but finds love with artist Penelope. Over 1800 reviews, 4.2 avg! “Thrilling, eventful…wonderful!” Perfect for fans of Bridgerton. Grab your copy now! $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]


Excellent Writing, Quirky Genius Similar to Douglas Adams. HALL OF FAME TOP 10 REVIEWER / Andy Anderson This debut novel follows a young mountain climbers unconventional quest for enlightenment. Mulch writes about Donatos search in a whimsical, absurdist style with plenty of jokes and fierce exaggerations… A witty, Rabelaisian road story about one mans search for what matters. – KIRKUS REVIEWS Free on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Free: Scoreless

Shot, blocked. Audrey Cathcarts idea of a hot conversation is discussing the hockey plays of the week. But her inexperience with love doesnt stop Quentin Quinn Paris, the teams new goalie, from getting under her skin. Try as she might to deny her feelings, Quinns quirky nature and too-smooth Quebec accent are irresistible. Maybe it’s time to rewrite some rules. Hate quickly turns to a fiery fling as Quinn and Audrey butt heads. But is a fling all this is? Find out if this season ends in t... [Read More...]

Chronicles of Sword and Fang: Book 1

In a world where every day feels like a battle, one dream changes everything for Burchard Wolfensberger – a dream of a giant white wolf. Things are going as well as can be expected for fourteen-year-old Burchard Wolfensberger and fellow squire Ruschmann Blackwell. Orders barked by their knightmasters. Unfortunate sentencings to the stocks. It’s just another day in the life of a squire. Until Burchard has a dream about a giant white wolf. The vision comes with a warning. Something fa... [Read More...]