Free: Brightside

In the future, telepathy isn’t a gift – it’s a criminal act. A new police force rounds up telepaths to house them in the mountains… …but that idyllic setting is a gilded cage with freedom just out of reach. Free on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Dude, Where’s My Walking Stick?

After my life was suddenly flipped and turned upside down, I decided to take a long walk across New Zealand’s South Island to clear my mind and heal my soul. With a pack of old, worn out equipment, very little experience, and a body that hadn’t seen a lot of physical exercise, I set off alone and terrified, to tackle the Te Waipounamu section of the Te Araroa: a 1,300 kilometre trail through some of the most incredible and beautiful landscapes Aotearoa has to offer. From the highest of high... [Read More...]

To Those We Found

In a far-off galaxy, a civilization of purple-skinned aliens discovered another race beyond the cosmological horizon and want to send a message. But government conspiracies, oppression, and terrorism drive their civilization to the brink of disaster. $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Knight of War and Dawn

In a world divided along ancient lines, a fragile peace has held for centuries. But when a thousand-year-old prophecy comes to fruition, the seven realms are thrown into chaos. Now, the fate of all rests on the actions of three young warriors. A knight of the land. A ruler of the sky. And a queen of the sea. Surrounded by allies and enemies, each has their own journey to undertake to determine whether the realms will plunge into bloody war or finally be united in a true and lasting peace. $0.99... [Read More...]

The Seer

It’s February 1942. War grips the world. Asian hate runs rampant, and New Orleans is a dangerous place for Chinese-English scientist Thomas Ling as he collides with self-proclaimed psychic Beatrix Patterson. She’s a good liar with an excellent memory, which in truth is her only gift—well, that and conning the well-heeled out of their money and secrets. Hired by the US Army to use her connections to expose Nazi saboteurs and sympathizers, Beatrix recruits the reluctant Thomas. Toget... [Read More...]

The Spear of Vengeance

IF YOU LIVE FOREVER, WHAT DO YOU FEAR? In this action-filled speculative thriller, FBI agent Dan Alexander is assigned to protect virologist Dr. Amelia Cranford, his former fiancée, following an apparent terrorist attack. But they are unwittingly drawn into a centuries-old conflict between two powerful Immortals. One, a 2500-year-old madman, is hell-bent on destroying humanity. And at every step along the way, the other Immortal has fought from the shadows to save us. But now, the madman is re... [Read More...]


I was her partner. Her ride or die. She was my lifeline. My sanity. Until I did the unspeakable. The unforgivable. I thought I was strong enough, but I was wrong. I became the monster I was sent to take down. Losing my lifeline… there’s no surviving without her. A Standalone Undercover FBI Dark Romance. $2.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]