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* (Romance books only)
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Your book will also run in 2 newsletters and on multiple social channels. With the help of JustKindleBooks, your book can be promoted across multiple websites, three newsletters, and many social media channels. All this without you having to any of the difficult work involved with a book promotion. See our book promotion options here.

Why Promote with JustKindleBooks?

For over 7 years, JustKindleBooks has been a destination for booklovers and writers. Our collective of sites has over 51,000 newsletter subscribers, 76,000 Facebook followers, and thousands of daily visitors. We drive hundreds of paid purchases, KU downloads, and free book downloads each day. We help authors gain more book sales and reviews.

Put the cost or hassles of running a promotion to rest. We offer four author-friendly book promotions, each with a simple submission form and affordable options ranging from $22-$45. You can find all of our book promotion options here.

Commonly Asked Questions

What are the benefits of running a book promotion? There are three main benefits that you experience after a successful book promotion. First, you should expect to see an increase in your book sales right away. Secondly, as readers see your promotion and search for other books you’ve written, you’ll likely gain more followers on amazon or your social media pages. Finally, you’ll see a few organic book reviews from your new fans show up roughly 2 to 4  weeks after your book promotion ends.

What genres will JustKindleBooks promote? All book genres are accepted as long as the cover isn’t too explicit (we cannot promote books whose covers contain nudity, gore or violence). If a book cover is deemed too risqué, you will be given a full refund following your promotion request.

What should I do before running a book promotion?
Here are three important areas to consider before running a book promotion:

Critically review your book cover. Unfortunately, readers will most likely judge your book by its cover. If someone can’t tell what genre your book falls into after looking at your cover, you could be missing out on potentially hundreds of sales and fans. Try comparing your book cover to some of the best-selling novels within your genre for ideas. If your cover does not speak your genre, consider remaking your cover.

Make your Amazon book description seductive. Your Amazon description needs to be intriguing enough to seduce people into wanting to read the book. As a general rule of thumb, customers should be able to get through your entire description in 60 seconds or less. And they should be hooked on your story.

Gain real reviews. Before you run your promotion, wait until you have at some reviews on your book. Buyers often read through reviews before investing in a book, and a lack of reviews could discourage them. To boost your reviews before a book promotion, optimize your back matter and engage with your current followers on social media.