Enjoy Heavenly Living Now: Become Childlike

Learn how to have a childlike faith so you can live among Heaven’s wonders, where the unimaginable and miracles happen every day. Accomplishing your impossible dreams or feeling God’s unconditional love beyond all measure are just a few benefits of becoming more childlike. Discover fifteen childlike characteristics that will transform your life so that you can enjoy Heavenly living now. $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]


Why this book? There are many Bible Study options today on the New Testament Epistles. The question is, what makes this book different? Why would you want to commit to this study? More than anything else, it is the approach that this book series takes that sets it apart from the many fine study resources available today. Similar to how Jesus addressed the seven Churches in the Book of Revelation, this study series will examine the Epistles and present the study as if Jesus is speaking the words ... [Read More...]

Free: Wiccan Protection Spells

Have you ever wondered how to rid yourself of the negative energies that are causing you unhappiness? Wiccan Protection Spells will help banish negative energy from your life. It will teach you to protect yourself against psychic attacks, as well as keep your body and mind free of unnecessary distress. This guide will show you numerous ways of protecting yourself from psychic attacks and negativity. You will learn to create a space that is balanced with positive energies that are friendly towar... [Read More...]

Free: Ocean of Love

Lenos lives his peaceful life in the Eden-like world of a little planet called Holon. One day an urgent request for help arrives from a remote corner of the Galaxy; planet Earth. Lenos makes the decision to leave his heavenly life and embark upon a daring journey to assist planet Earth, which has become trapped in a cosmic anomaly. Throughout his varied incarnations on Earth, spread out over time and history, Lenos must come to understand and complete his galactic mission. His struggles, romanc... [Read More...]

Where Are You? God’s Questions that Need to be Answered

Why God? We all have questions for Him. It seems like we never get all the answers. But He has questions for us too. Maybe the reason God doesn’t answer us is because we have never bothered to answer Him. Answering God’s questions will give us a deeper relationship with Him. And along the way you may get the answers you are looking for from Him. $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

The Prophetic War of Words

SINCE THE BEGINNING OF CREATION, there has been a Prophetic War of Words that will continue until the battle of Armageddon. This war is about God’s words against the devil’s words. All of humanity is caught in the middle of this war. In the last days, God has destined His church to relearn ancient secrets revealed to Old Testament prophets, historical men of God, and the closest of Jesus’ disciples in Winning The War Of Words. This book is a Prophetic Warfare Manual for every ... [Read More...]

Supernatural Security Clearances

Discover Top Secret Protocols to accessing the High Calling of God. God loves everyone but does not just allow anyone to access His anointing, confidential mysteries, or heavenly places. These are Top Secret and need aSupernatural Security Clearance to gain access. God’s kingdom is no different from any other kingdom because it also has secrets to protect. This book is designed to be a prophetic guide for any believer seeking to gain higher access to the anointing and the kingdom of God. DISC... [Read More...]

The Holding

The Holding is a prequel to The Healing. Based on true events, the story takes us back to the beginning, where Cate Henderson is born in a small prairie town in Canada. Six weeks premature, baby Cate is tiny, but feisty. Even as an infant, Cate’s radiant smile lights up a room. But the heart of this novel is the relationship that unfolds between Cate and her father, William. An emotional read, The Holding delves into both harsh realities and healing journeys. From childhood abuse and bull... [Read More...]

30 Days with the Father: A Devotional to Discover How Heaven Can Follow You Everywhere

This thirty-day devotional will take you on a journey to unveil God’s heart as you sit down face-to-face with God the Father each day and discover how the wonders of Heaven can begin to chase after you. Read words from the Father you will not hear at church. Experience for yourself the same real connections that I have with the Father as you explore my conversations with God. $1.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Free: About a Gardener

Do you like gardening? The Australian author, Werner Langer, suggests that we have an urgent need to get our hands dirty, because each one of us is the owner of an inner garden, where our thoughts grow and are nurtured. This inner gardening activity, or neglect, will greatly impact on our life. This book is primarily aimed at the Christian reader, but is also helpful to those who seek greater clarity. Be blessed. Free on Kindle. ... [Read More...]