Free: One Year of Thankful Thursdays

Hustle! Go get it! This is your moment! So many of our moments are caught up in trying to figure out what to do next according to the world’s latest desire or trend. This can become truly exhausting and overwhelming. What if we decided to take control of the narrative by changing the paradigm completely. What if the hustle and constant movement have actually derailed us from the joy that is possible? What if slowing down the pace, just for a second, allows you the space to notice, maybe f... [Read More...]

When I Stop Fighting: The Unexpected Joy of Getting My Head Out of My Ass

Just like water seeks its own level, so does everything else, including idiots. I was one of those at that point in my life. When I Stop Fighting is an eye-opening, honest, unapologetic take on life. Its about overcoming obstacles, overcoming addictions, and taking risks. Sometimes we find ourselves in a place in life where we dont want to be. For me, there is no more glamorous way to explain it than my head was in my ass. Im a regular guy with a regular upbringing. Im not a Navy Seal, PhD, or ... [Read More...]

Christmas Grace and Light

Christmas always begins with a story. There’s a man and a woman traveling to a distant city where a baby born in a stable. There are shepherds and angels. Because of this story, Christmas is a season when we are more attuned to the spiritual allowing light to break into the darkness. We discover the ever-present wonder of Gods grace that became human in the very first Christmas. $5.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Damaged Goods – A Devotional for the Slightly Imperfect

This book isnt for the girls whove always done everything right. Its for the oopsIdiditagainers, the livemylifeonmyowntermers, the sometimeslearnfrommymistakers, the ones whove fallen down hard and lived to tell the tale, whove never quite fit the good-girl moldthe perfectly imperfect. Its an open and raw look at what happens when a Christian damages her testimony and the restorative power of Gods love. Through personal stories, Stacy invites you into some of her darkest days and candidly share... [Read More...]

Let The Word Become Life in Your Life: A Step-by-Step Guide to Have, Be, and Do Everything the Bible Says Starting Today!

Let the Word Become Life in Your Life has become a Sermon in a Phrase that has changed thousands of lives worldwide. Four decades of time-proven principles in one easy-to-apply book. The author has always had a unique way to present the message with enough simplicity that all can understand yet enough meat for even the mature. $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Free: GOD IS SPEAKING 2: The Bible, Prophets & Preachers

GOD IS SPEAKING 2: The Bible, Prophets & Preachers is an insightful and thought-provoking book, written by renowned author Andy Ripley. This book delves into the timeless and powerful messages of the Bible and the influential figures who have spread its teachings throughout the ages. Ripley draws on his extensive knowledge of history and theology to explore the relevance and significance of the Bible to our modern world. He offers a fresh perspective on the Old and New Testaments, revealing... [Read More...]

Sister, Start Your Ministry: A Guide to Start, Grow, and Sustain a Transformative Ministry

You are a woman called to ministry, but feel stuck, afraid, or ill-equipped. You’ve been praying for God to show you your next steps, yet your path forward is unclear. Starting a ministry is challenging, particularly when going through the process alone. Fortunately, I’ve created this book to assist women like you. Ive started my own ministry, and know all the best tips and tricksas well as the potential pitfalls. This book will serve as your roadmap to start, grow, and sustain a tr... [Read More...]

Free: Joy In The Brambles

Do you find that pursuing happiness still leaves you wanting something more? Maybe you are a person of faith who has heard messages about the value of service, but hasnt fully understood why it is so important. Perhaps you want to renew your covenant of faith and are not sure how to do so. Ross Palfreyman has taken a lifetime of faith and biblical study and turned it toward an important and timely reflection on the role of service and joy in our lives. Joy in the Brambles shows us how to naviga... [Read More...]

Trekking: A Guidebook for Spiritual Transformation

What do you do when you feel spiritually lost? In this day and age, this is a common feeling we have. Trekking is an invitation to deep spiritual and cultural transformation. While the standard and superficial practices of North American contemporary church are being soundly rejected in this cultural moment, Gene Maynard takes you on a journey into ancient, contemplative Christian spirituality to help you retrieve the powerfully transformative practices and rhythms that have always been the hall... [Read More...]

Wisdom of the Unshakeable: Unlocking Peace, Resilience and Transformation

Are you ready to unlock lasting emotional wellness and embark on a transformative journey towards resilience and purpose? Dive into the transformative pages of ‘Wisdom of the Unshakeable,’ an indispensable guide to attaining emotional well-being and life-altering transformation. Amritha Kailas, a certified Life and Success Coach endorsed by Jay Shetty and the voice behind the influential podcast ‘The Peace Bridge Talk Show,’ invites readers on an illuminating journey roo... [Read More...]