Free: Know Your Soul: Bring Joy to Your Life

A thought-provoking, heartwarming book that not only describes the origin, purpose and structure of the Soul, but provides instruction for connecting to your Soul. In addition, personal experiences and interactions the authors have had with their Higher Self and Soul are vividly described. Based on inspiration from their guides and the loving direction of Archangel Michael; rarely disclosed or understood information is freely revealed. This is a book you will refer to often. ... [Read More...]

At Peace In Life

Imagery collection of reflections to calm and nurture the goodness and beauty in life. This is a good read at the end of day to decompress from the day’s negativity and a great read to start a new day refreshed. In this book, there are no weapons, good or bad, no despair, evil, political messages or war. There is only peace and wonderment of Creation, in the universal language of images for everyone, no matter their language or what part of this world they live. This is also a message of ... [Read More...]

The Key Of Picturing In Prayer: How To Imagine Answers In Prayer For Quicker Manifestation

The most powerful key for releasing the anointing of God in prayer is revealed in this book. Have you ever wondered how you can make your prayer life as intense and anointed as Elijah, producing results beyond what is humanly possible? I stumbled on this key one day in prayer and the anointing and intensity that was released was amazing. I employed it again and the anointing and intensity that has followed my prayer time anytime I employ the key of picturing in prayer has been just awesome. Whe... [Read More...]

Exercise Your Faith (Defeating the Lies Men Believe)

In this blunt and hauntingly honest book, Winters rips the veneer from the lies men hear from birth to the grave. Drawing on his sometimes-rocky journey through anxiety, alcoholism, and sexual dysfunction, he paves the way for others to find freedom, faith, peace, and fulfillment. With disarming wit, the author examines more than thirty lies that can derail our effectiveness and satisfaction with life. He replaces fallacy with timeless spiritual wisdom. The book is far from pious, getting down ... [Read More...]

Free: Broadening

‘BROADENING’ is a Poetic and Spiritual exploration into self discovery, boundaries and self perceptions. It’s a journey into the acceptance of others with the goal being, to embrace mutual clarity and understanding of Self Resolve, Introspective Truth, and Emotional Release. Together, perhaps we could gain a greater clarity…Perhaps we can further feel a part of us that may be missing, or is simply already found, and Broaden out in just the smallest ways we send a ripple ... [Read More...]

The Root Chakra Solution: The Revolutionary New Path to Abundance, Security and Love

Effortlessly attract abundance, security and love with the unique set of tools offered in THE ROOT CHAKRA SOLUTION. Have you found it difficult to attract the abundance you dream of? Do unexpected setbacks make you wonder if you’ll ever achieve your dreams? Are you sometimes thrown off course despite your best intentions? If you are ready to step into the flow of abundance and live a life full of security and love, this book offers you a powerful yet simple system to open to all the good ... [Read More...]

The Modern Day Disciple: Being Jesus With Skin On

As a Christian, you certainly have knowledge of the twelve disciples chosen by Jesus. But do you know that you are also called to be a disciple? The age of discipleship will never pass away until Jesus returns, conquers, banishes Satan and his followers to Hell for eternity and reestablishes His new world and Heaven. This book is written to help you fulfill this calling. $5.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Free: God’s Profound and Urgent Message

This book called God’s Profound and Urgent Message, reveals God’s most dominant and urgent Scriptural message with a due sense of urgency for salvation and how salvation is attained. God wants the world to understand and recognize the indisputable evidence and the reasons for the credibility and accuracy of the Bible, and why it should be adhered to. The book is dedicated to all readers with a heart for truth and the Lord, and to help understand the eternal value and magnificent promises of... [Read More...]