Wisdom from the Inner Oracle: Why Humanity Must Evolve

Do you feel there is more to life than what you have been told? Do you feel there is a greater purpose for your life and humanity? Do you feel there is something wrong with modern society and humanity as a whole? In his debut book, Mohammed Ali Ejaz will teach you the importance of living an ambitious and purposeful life to reach your full potential as a human being, why living righteously is a necessity to achieve this aim, while discussing the moral decadence of humanity and why it is essenti... [Read More...]

DBT Workbook For PTSD: Proven Psychological Techniques for Managing Trauma & Emotional Healing with Dialectical Behavior Therapy | DBT Skills to Treat Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder for Men & Women

Packed with authentic advice, powerful anecdotes, and practical strategies designed to help readers work through the trauma and emotional turmoil associated with PTSD, this groundbreaking DBT workbook shares an actionable path for working through PTSD and reclaiming your life. Featuring worksheets and personal exercises that invite you to open up and share your pain, alongside scientifically proven therapeutic DBT strategies for rewiring your brain and escaping the grips of PTSD, this guide emp... [Read More...]

Free: The Power of Decluttering Your Mind: A Simple Guide to Eliminate Negative Thoughts, Anxiety, and Overthinking!

On a scale of one to five, how often do you find yourself stuck in these conditions? – excessive worrying – feeling left out – experiencing low energy levels – pessimism and procrastination – intense self-doubt – taking out your frustrations on others – total emotional breakdown If you’ve scored higher than a three on most of the list items, chances are you might need a little reinventing. Juggling life can be challenging at times, especially when eve... [Read More...]

THE ULTIMATE BRAG BOOK ABOUT YOURSELF: A hundred questions about how awesome you are!

Can you imagine all the things you like, love, and adore in one book? Let’s be honest. We tend to forget how amazing we really are. It is easy to see it in others, but when it comes to seeing ourselves, we tend to have bad vision. This is why I wrote this book! All your favorites are captured at one time with space to write more. How often do we brag about ourselves, take time to think about what makes us happy, or do the things we like? If I had to guess, not as often as you would like. You ... [Read More...]

Free: The Appraisal Users’ Survival Guide: Weber Real Estate Advisors Helps Users of Real Estate Appraisal Reports Survive

Are you a user of real estate appraisal reports to help you close more loans? Are you trying to close more loans and make more money? Weber Real Estate Advisors helps the users of real estate appraisal reports survive and thrive in the risky business of making loans with high quality real estate appraisal reviews. In this book, you’ll receive insight as to some of the specifics of what Weber Real Estate Advisors do, and how they serve their clients. With clear, precise, and valuable informati... [Read More...]

Adult Children of Borderline Parents: The Complete Guide to Understanding BPD and Staying Mentally Tough (Break Free and Recover from Unhealthy Relationships)

There are times when we feel that all efforts we make to help someone with a mental or psychological condition are lost. Individuals with BPD don’t see that gray area most of the rest of us do. It’s important to remember that there isn’t a ‘quick fix’ in helping a loved one with BPD. The main focus of this book is to help adult children of parents diagnosed with BPD understand the condition a little better. This is your complete guide to understanding BPD and staying mentally tough in... [Read More...]

What To Say When You Talk To Your Self

Discover Dr. Shad Helmstetter’s wildly popular self-help book What to Say When You Talk to Your Self, and learn how to reverse the effects of negative self-talk and embrace a more positive, optimistic outlook on life! We talk to ourselves all of the time, usually without realizing it. And most of what we tell ourselves is negative, counterproductive, and damaging, preventing us from enjoying a fulfilled and successful life. But with Shad Helmstetter’s Five Levels of Self-Talk (Negative Acce... [Read More...]

Free: Legacy of Absence: Resolving the Wounds from Uninvolved Fathers In Individuals, Families, and Society

Despite all the progress in our world-from advancing human rights to life-saving technology, there is a wound that has spread to every corner of society. It affects individuals, families, businesses, and communities. In fact, evidence shows almost every problem in our society can be traced back to this root cause: FATHERS WHO ARE UNINVOLVED IN THE LIVES OF THEIR CHILDREN The Reality• Whatever the reason for the father’s absence-work, addictions, divorce, or even death-the negative impac... [Read More...]

Problem Solving For Every Problem: The Problem Solver’s Manual To Face Any Challenges And Handle Life’s Hiccups

Stop hitting roadblocks in your decision-making and discover how to find efficient solutions for a stress-free life (at work and at home). If your struggle is not coming up with solutions, but coming up with the BEST solution, look no further. Each chapter finishes with action steps to help you solve critical problems at home and at the office. $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]