Emotional Trauma No More

Do you feel CRAZY? Feel like you are LOSING YOUR MIND? Emotional trauma happens to everyone, especially those experiencing narcissistic abuse. The challenge is breaking free or keeping your sanity until you break free. Have you ever said I love you I dont trust you or had a gnawing feeling in your stomach that something wasnt right? Perhaps you have heard It was just a joke or you are too sensitive or that never happened. This is your life when dealing with gaslighting. Abuse can leave you Feel... [Read More...]

The Art Of Constructing A Second Brain

You dont need to pay for a personal assistant. We can help you build one. In times like these, we wish we could afford an assistant to remember all the details of our daily endeavors. This book is an all-encompassing guide that helps you get there, laying out the nitty-gritty of building a second brain, an efficient knowledge management system. $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

100 Walls To Be Broken

Do you feel like you’re not smart enough, wealthy enough, or deserving of happiness? Do you often let fear, anxiety, or guilt hold you back from finding success? Are you searching for practical, real-world strategies to shift your mindset and tear down the walls of negativity that are holding you hostage? Then this book is for you. Beautifully written with an empowering collection of deeply authentic stories and mindset-shifting exercises, this practical book aims to give you the courage ... [Read More...]

Loneliness Dissolved: A Metaphysical Exploration of Overcoming Loneliness

Loneliness Dissolved by Alec Alpert is a thought-provoking book exploring loneliness’s complex nature from a metaphysical perspective. The author draws from firsthand experiences and insights from Eastern and Western traditions to provide readers with a comprehensive understanding of the root causes of loneliness and practical insights on how to transform their relationship with it. One of the key takeaways from the book is that loneliness is a universal experience that is not necessarily... [Read More...]

OCD Workbook For Adults

Authentically written as a practical blueprint for adults who are struggling with the symptoms of obsessive-compulsive disorder, this comprehensive handbook cuts through the mystery surrounding OCD, providing readers with an action plan for mental health recovery. Drawing on tried-and-tested therapy techniques and heartfelt personal stories, this workbook takes you by the hand and empowers you to overcome your feelings of stress, worry, anxiety, and perfectionism through the remarkable healing ... [Read More...]

The 9-Step Overthinking Detox: Declutter Your Mind for Peak Clarity, Enhanced Cognitive Function, and Unbreakable Focus

How to Liberate Your Mind from Overthinking Without Sacrificing Productivity, Even When Your Thoughts Feel Overwhelming Do you find yourself trapped in a cycle of overthinking that hinders your clarity and focus? Is your mental clutter affecting your decision-making and emotional well-being? Are you yearning for a simple, step-by-step solution to break free from the grips of overthinking? If so, there’s a simple solution: THE 9-STEP OVERTHINKING DETOX Imagine a life where your mind is cle... [Read More...]

Delight in the Limelight: Overcome Your Fear of Being Seen and Realize Your Dreams

Have you ever passed up a golden opportunity due to stage fright? Linda Ugelow, a renowned speaking confidence coach, podcast host, and TikTok creator with over 160K followers, empowers people around the world to overcome their fear of public speaking. In her transformative book, Linda goes beyond the typical feel the fear and do it anyway approach to offer practical and healing methods that dig deep to uncover and resolve the root cause of your fear. As you turn the final page, you’ll no... [Read More...]

Cognitive Biases Mastery – 2 Books In 1

Your subconscious is working against you – a simple tweak to your thought process can fix that. All the techniques that give you control over your cognitive activities are within your reach. This book bundle will set you apart because you will recognize various cognitive biases and learn how to steer clear of the traps they set for your reasoning. $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Free: Mind Mapping for Men with Adult ADHD

If you’re ready to live a life where you’re not just surviving but thriving, keep reading. Are you tired of struggling in a world that just doesnt seem to get you? Have you felt like your ADHD is a constant battle, and you’re running out of coping strategies? Do you know theres more than one type of ADHD? Are you eager to explore the different types and subtypes of ADHD? Are you prepared to learn how to transform ADHD into a formidable ally that drives your success? If you ans... [Read More...]