One Princess One Pack One Villain

Being a werewolf sucked sometimes. Cara was coming of age. At least for a werewolf. She would soon take a mate. One she didn’t want! She had been able to fight off the single males in her pack so far. Then her father started telling her if she didn’t decide on one of them, he would pick her mate for her. She wanted to fall in love not just go with any old wolf. That wasn’t the way it was done in a werewolf pack. The problem with having one chosen for her was werewolves’ mate for life! T... [Read More...]

Sweet Jane

After a broken childhood, Jane runs away at sixteen; returning for Mama’s funeral seventeen years later catapults Jane back to the events that made her the woman she is. She faces down her past and the ghosts that shaped her family. A stunning discovery helps Jane see her problems through a new lens. $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Free: Mafia Madame

1955- Gangster Joe Spagnoli, and his young friend Tony Spilotro, meet Mario DeStefano when they beat up and stab his bodyguard at a local bar. Why? Because he stepped on Tony’s new shoes. That’s when Spagnoli and Spilotro began their apprenticeship with Chicago’s own homegrown sociopath, Mario’s brother, “Mad Sam” DeStefano. After Spagnoli added ‘collector’ to his resume, he became a strong arm robber, illegal casino operator and counterfeiter. 1984- Spilotro and Spagnoli have r... [Read More...]

Charlie’s Kid

Charlie’s Kid is riveting, horrifying, mesmerizing, and unforgettable. It haunts, and it inspires. It is a story you cannot escape whose imagery stays with you. This is a story of monstrous child abuse, years spent alone on the mean streets of Chicago, a hardscrabble adult life—and, ultimately, redemption. Charlie’s Kid is a tale of survival at a deepest level against excruciatingly insurmountable odds. From sea to sea and even to fighting war in Iraq; this book will keep your att... [Read More...]

From Reactive Living to Pro Active Living

A wonderful book that is designed to energize, motivate and elevate everyone who needs revival, guidance and focus on their daily lives and also those who want to manifest their dreams. Chapter one deals with how you can attain forever confidence and be fit and positive to go after your future. It introduces you to how you can motivate yourself internally. Chapter two will enlighten you on what is to be reactive and how do you know if you are living relatively Chapter three ascend from chapter ... [Read More...]

The World of Flying

The year is 2061, and the world’s first and only flying car company, AirWay, has completely monopolized the transportation industry. With the invention of the flying car, the Model H Barnstormer, as well as the Air-Bus transit system, land-cruising vehicles have been nearly wiped off the map. The story follows Stan Beverley, the founder and CEO of AirWay, and Oliver Dwyer, a construction worker whose wife and son tragically perished in a Barnstormer crash years ago. While his heart is fil... [Read More...]

Karik’s First Battle

His friends and family are dying. Now the only way to help them is to brave the cold and dangers of the north…Karik is sick of the hunger slowly killing his village. And after watching his brother die of starvation, he fears the icy winter will claim them all. So when the jarl declares they need to reduce the number of mouths to feed, the tormented young man bravely volunteers to leave. With his small group of fellow exiles stumbling onto a tiny settlement, Karik gladly accepts an invitat... [Read More...]

The Candyman’s Tale

The story of the birth of the drug trade in New York City, in two small communities in the Borough of Queens: the very white Cambria Heights, and the very black Saint Albans. Four your men, steeped in poverty, have big dreams, sell weed across the big avenue in Cambria Heights. Their plans skyrocket, the weed is sold, kids are hooked, and this leads to severe unintended consequences….an outraged group of citizens, corrupt cops, and organized crime. In the middle of all this, a black famil... [Read More...]