Dragon’s Mate (Elite Shifters of Colorado Book 1)

#Elite Dragon Shifters: Strongest and fiercest of the shifter clans. My mate comes from an ancient and powerful line of dragon shifters. I should feel honored and privileged, but I want that human florist. She is innocent and beautiful as those flower arrangements she makes. I couldn’t resist warmth of her touch and heat of her body when she asks for help in the gym. And now she carries my baby. It is time to break the boundaries and the years old hollow traditions. But… she just got to kno... [Read More...]

Free: Love Bytes A Vampire’s Tale

Finding love again is challenging, especially if you are a vampire. So what’s a lady vamp to do? After losing her century-long vampire mate, Dominique LeRoy must find a new mate. Using modern technology, she finds Richard Montague, an account who is also a fire-ball throwing wizard named Azazel. When they meet for a lunch date, their individual powers draw them together, but with one side effect; their attraction and combined power spread to the surrounding people in the restaurant making... [Read More...]

Gargoyle’s Christmas

They’re strong, dominant lovers, but they’re not exactly human! For one month of the year, around the winter solstice, gargoyles can assume human shape, though it entails a steep price. Averic has become entranced by a woman he sees pass by his cathedral each day and decides to take human form during the Christmas season to get to know her better. Tricia McKinnon is just about to give up on her long-held fantasy of finding a dominant man who is also strong, honest, and caring. When ... [Read More...]

That Magic Touch

A witch determined to protect her sister at all costs must trust an ex-con to keep her secret. Mia Grey has a hard enough time keeping her own unique abilities secret, let alone those of her younger sister, whose telekinetic powers grow stronger by the day. When fate literally puts the life of their brooding new neighbor in her hands, Mia has no choice but to risk her secret in order to save him. $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Free: Tempted by the Jaguar (Riverford Shifters Book One)

After Kylie’s dormant shifter heritage is unleashed in the worst way during a violent attack, it threatens not only her efforts of finding out what happened to her missing parents but to also expose her dangerous secret. Sexy jaguar shifter, Hunter, offers to help Kylie navigate her new life, but can she trust him when he seems to have a secret of his own? ... [Read More...]

Joanna Mazurkiewicz Starter Pack: A Fantasy Romance Collection

Escape into a world filled with kick-ass heroines, explosive magic and alpha men in this seductive seven-book collection! Enter the world with the scarred Wyvern dragon shifter that must overcome deadly magical challenges and dangerous adventures. Continue with the steamy dhampir romance where one kiss comes with consequences. This limited-time, fantasy, and paranormal romance collection features fairytale retellings, dragons, vampires, demons, and witches and heart searing romance. One book ju... [Read More...]

Free: When the Magnolia Blooms

When the Magnolia Blooms is a cross-genre book that blends a ghostly love story with the suspense of a serial killer. Set on the Northern Neck of Virginia, this tale features a quirky family that lives on a mystical farm where the surreal is the norm. It’s a modern, and sexier, version of the classic The Ghost and Mrs. Muir. Halloween is the right time for a good ghost story! Free on Kindle. ... [Read More...]