A Bunny Rabbit is Moving In!

A witty and insightful peek into the world of raising a rabbit inside the home. The book is designed for first-time rabbit owners and provides a great deal of useful information regarding proper rabbit care. Important subject matter for new rabbit owners is included in this book and it is delivered in an easy to read format. Endearing photos of rabbits are also included. The main character in the book is the author’s current rabbit Benjamin. Benjamin is a Californian, a domestic breed als... [Read More...]

Sons of the Cavern

Within the ruins of 23rd-century Tokyo, the robotic Hive Mind awaits three wanderers. Two are powerful – the third, Ryuu, believes there is no such thing as fate. Little does he know that the key to the world’s salvation can only be found in his own origin story – a tale of treachery and murder that took place two centuries before. $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Free: Disruptive Shock: An EMP Survival Story (Book 1)

A yearly trek to the carnival with his young sons is the highlight of Ian Carrol’s life. What begins as another opportunity to build lifelong memories quickly fades to black by the time the sun sets. The world and humanity at large take an inexplicable turn, leaving the struggling single father to resort to desperate measures to get his family to safety. As they traverse the increasingly dangerous landscape, they find themselves face-to-face with the worst this broken society has to offer. Wi... [Read More...]

The Billionaire’s PYT

There’s nothing wrong with being bad. As long as you’re good at it. Nikolai Serepova took one look at Gabriella and knew he had to have her. He was too old for her, but it felt like lightning struck him when she smiled and there was no way he could walk away. He’s been biding his time and finally, the moment is right. He has Gabriella right where he wants her and he’s going to claim her. Nothing will stand in his way. Billionaire Bad Boys is just what the series title implies. T... [Read More...]

The Emperor

Tied to a desk for the past few weeks, McQueen is feeling the strain of a hopeless situation. Missing children, going back decades have passed across his desk, their cases cold and leadless. But our Saintly Detective knows that every case deserves justice…but even he must move on at some point. With a fresh case, he must admit defeat, yet when the body turns out to be one of his missing children, now ten years older, everything is different. Where has this child been hiding? Malnourished,... [Read More...]

Free: The Claimed Queen

She feared enslavement. He craved so much more. What would you do if you were claimed by the one warrior who stands between you and a genocidal enemy who is bent on decimating your planet? The Warrior King has fought the matebond madness for twenty years while he has waited for his mate to come of age and now he is done waiting. Their path is fraught with danger, but if they can survive the war he may just be able to finally… claim his queen. ... [Read More...]

Free: Fall Rotten

A vault full of French fascist gold just waits to be taken. It’s the early days of 1940 and Paris has settled into the new normal — a war where no one’s bothered to show up. As uncertainty permeates the darkened City of Light, a secretive organization works to concentrate the wealth and power of France with a select few. For them, Hitler is an ally. For Les Boots, things could not be more in their favor. After a decade of breaking hearts and getting by, the sexy and sophisticated trio of ... [Read More...]