The Steamy Side of Betrayal

The Steamy Side of Betrayal is a book within a book that tells the fictionalized story of the author’s friend, Ronnie, a thirty-something-year-old struggling writer. After overindulging in the opposite sex, he marries Lacey, a stunning, sensually charged advertising executive whose turn-on is to show off her charms to strangers. Navigating their second year together, we find the main characters from Ronnie’s attempt at writing a book, Tony, Chrissy, and the insatiable Dawn dealing with thei... [Read More...]

Listen, Validate & Connect: Communication Techniques for Establishing Strong Relationships

Are you tired of feeling misunderstood and disconnected in your relationships? Do you struggle to effectively communicate your thoughts and emotions? The challenges of building strong connections with others can often leave us feeling frustrated and isolated. But you can change that. If you want to master the art of effective communication and establish deep, meaningful connections, then you need to read this book! Within these pages, you will gain the confidence and skills you need to help you... [Read More...]

Soul Salary: 4 profoundly impactful steps to aligning your time and energy with what feels joyous and fulfilling

Soul Salary is a remarkable book that will take you on a meaningful journey towards allowing your soul to experience warmth, joy, passion, happiness, and fulfillment. It’s not about the financial salary you earn from your job, but rather the salary you pay yourself and your soul. When we prioritize a high Soul Salary, we make a profound impact on ourselves and the world around us. $1.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

The Singapore Stunt

He’s the grump who doesn’t work with pampered Hollywood stars. She’s the sunshine princess in need of a miracle. They have three days to make it work. Three days alone in exquisitely beautiful Singapore. $2.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

The Spirit Hollows

Quinn dreams of leaving his dreary job at his mother’s funeral home for a life of adventure. His half-sister Zora plans to prove what a brilliant inventor she is–and settle a secret grudge. Together, they set out to hunt the spirits that roam Old Appalachia. But can the siblings defeat the shadowy cult and otherworldly enemies who want to kill them? $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Winning the Doctor’s Heart

She’s tired of rejection. He’s a psychologist who heals broken hearts. Can an unusual arrangement kindle an unforeseen romance? Looking for lasting love, Andrea wonders if she’ll ever meet the right person. After a series of failed relationships, her confidence wavers until she meets a charming man with captivating eyes and a warm smile. Can she trust the help he offers? Kent’s profession gives him a unique ability to recognize hurting souls. When he spots a beautiful young woma... [Read More...]

Free: Walking On Water: Five Ingredients for Living Through Life’s Toughest Challenges

What if all of a sudden you had a terminal illness and you were given less than a month to live? Would you change anything? February 11, 2018 transformed the way author Ruben Narváez began to look at life. That day, he was diagnosed with stage 4 terminal cancer. The prognosis was grim. The doctor said that if Ruben were lucky, he would live a month at the most. That meant he needed to write his will, buy a plot, and plan his funeral — he didn’t do any of those. Having been a Christian for ... [Read More...]

Free: Becoming Fearless: Finding Courage in the African Wilderness

Coerced by her boss and fellow rivers guides, Brenda Smith reluctantly embarks on a rafting trip through a vast Tanzanian game reserve. If she can survive twelve days on the remote jungle rivers, then she must scale Africa’s tallest mountain. After twenty-eight years of a safe and predictable life, Brenda is terrified of what awaits her in these dangerous wildernesses. She comes face to face with angry hippos, roaring lions and stealthy crocodiles, and struggles with the extremes of unbea... [Read More...]

Free: The MindSet Chronicles: Book One – The Deletion

In a world where artificial intelligence has become an integral part of daily life, the sudden death of all AI sends society into a tailspin – a disconnected, surreal post-AI period known as The Deletion. As the world struggles to come to terms with the loss, bad boy genius, Peter Eriksson, has invented a new form of interconnection called MindSet to reconnect the world in this strange new time. Conceived from a century-old concept, “Crowd Wisdom,” this revolutionary device links the ... [Read More...]