Worst Knights Ever

“Hilarious and irreverent! The only thing I don’t like about this is that I didn’t think of this premise first.” – Steve Hofstetter, comedian It’s autumn 2001, and a fire-breathing dragon is destroying London. With most of her military overseas, the Queen decides to do what previous Queens would’ve done and call in her Knights! The only problem is that the Queen has only knighted celebrities. Worst Knights Ever is the hilarious tale of four celebrities ... [Read More...]

Delayed in Venice

Join Jon and David on their honeymoon in Italy, where they meet a mysterious Contessa, who invites them into a new world of pleasurable experiences. Will their discoveries strengthen their bond or will it tear them apart before their Happily Ever After has even begun? Delayed in Venice is a short and steamy MM romance. $2.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Gentle Scars (To Be Claimed Saga Book 2)

From USA Today best-selling author, Willow Winters, comes a tempting tale of fated love, lust-filled secrets and the beginnings of an epic war. There was never a question of whether or not I would be his. It’s simply what fate demanded. There’s a knowing when the werewolves find their mates. It’s an aching need, a desperation… one they would die for. But for their mates, it’s a trance, a pull, a submissive desire that’s at odds with the shadows of my past and how I’ve learned to s... [Read More...]

(Not So) Famous in Paradise

Which is easier, pretending to date my best friend, or pretending not to be in love with him? When the biggest career opportunity of my life–my own home reno TV show–sends me back to my hometown, I’m less than excited. Paradise, Idaho might be paradise for everyone else, but it never was for me. Except for my best friend, Zach. Now that we’re working together, I could lose everything. Including the one person I want more than anything. $3.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Loving London

Bas Middleton is the son of my mom’s best friend. I met him once years ago. But the nerdy kid with his nose in a comic book is long gone, and in his place is a sweet man who’s so sexy it hurts. Which is why having a hot vacation fling seemed like such a good idea at the time. $2.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Husking for Nebraska

Jeremy Husking of Nebraska City, Nebraska, wants to be governor of the state. Mateo knows his foster brother is going to need some mighty powerful magic and places a call to his former teacher at Julliard, Bethany Greene. Mateo called in a favor with Bethany, setting in motion a story, very few would believe, but those who know the power of love, really don’t question it much, especially once they meet the woman named Rhapsody Willis, who runs the campaign to elect Jeremy Husking for the grea... [Read More...]

The Hand of God: From Oppenheimer to Hypersonics – A Crash Course on Nuclear Weapons and Humankind’s Most Dangerous Game

Delve into the world of the most powerful and destructive weapons ever created. In this book, you will learn the history of nuclear weapons, from their development in the early 20th century during the Manhattan Project to the present day, discovering how these weapons work, their devastating effects, and about the global superpowers that control them. This is not a dry history book. It is an informative and suspenseful account of the most dangerous technology ever devised by humankind. Using pr... [Read More...]

Tragedy Man: A Horror Anthology

Five actors. Five auditions. Five tales of terror! Improv auditions at a rundown theater prove unnerving for those answering the casting call. The tragic performances organized by a mysterious theater manager take the actors to a harrowing place that may or may not be make-believe. The tradition of classic horror anthologies rises again to inspire this dark collection! $3.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]


Max Sparks thought 12th grade was confusing enough – until his grandfather’s will left him the NFL’s Portland Rogues, and with it: the judgments of Twitter and Snapchat, his classmates’ intense interest, skeptical players, a vicious sports media, and his scheming uncle (the team’s general manager, who wants it all for himself). Oh yeah, and being in the closet while simultaneously thrust upon the national stage. Does Max believe enough in himself, whether it’s leading the club, ... [Read More...]