Charlie’s Kid

Charlie’s Kid is riveting, horrifying, mesmerizing, and unforgettable. It haunts, and it inspires. It is a story you cannot escape whose imagery stays with you. This is is a story of monstrous child abuse, years spent alone on the mean streets of Chicago, a hardscrabble adult life—and, ultimately, redemption. Charlie’s Kid is a tale of survival at a deepest level against excruciatingly insurmountable odds. From sea to sea and even to fighting war in Iraq; this book will keep your ... [Read More...]


Lisa Nicks-Balthasar’s Believe! offers a transformational message that will inspire you to live your greatest life. Her moving story of healing from the grief of losing her beloved husband and emerging to love again demonstrates how to open your heart in the most difficult of times. A rich, powerful story you won’t want to put down. $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Let Burn: The Making and Breaking of a Firefighter/Paramedic

WINNER OF THE 2014 FLORIDA AUTHORS AND PUBLISHERS ASSOCIATION SILVER MEDAL PRESIDENT’S AWARD IN MEMOIRS In 1985, desiring a meaningful, high-paced career in public service, Rachel Wentz left her university studies to become a firefighter/paramedic. Only the eighth woman hired by the Orlando Fire Department, a highly competitive department steeped in tradition, Wentz excelled, completing an AS in Fire Science, a master’s in public administration, and numerous specialized training cou... [Read More...]

Chasing Bones: An Archaeologist’s Pursuit of Skeletons

In January 2001, Rachel Wentz walked away from a career as a firefighter/paramedic in Orlando to pursue a PhD in anthropology, specializing in the analysis of human remains. Her studies at Florida State University focused on the ancient skeletons from the Windover site, but took her into the darker world of forensics and beyond. Travel with Dr. Wentz to the famed museums of London, Paris and Italy, the fragrant landscapes of Ukraine, the beautiful shores of the Caribbean, and back to Florida. T... [Read More...]

Free: Being Authentic

Our existence is fragile. I learned that in many intricate ways, so I do not take today for granted. I do not know what tomorrow will bring. I do not even know if tomorrow will come. This memoir convinces the reader that it has something life or death worthy so that the reader can literally stop his reality and dare to learn something that may aid in his or her survival. The book has changed the way I view life. Celemnt Amolo-Thrive Global. ... [Read More...]

The Diary of an OCD Bookseller: One Book at a Time

Jim Bailey is a Gulliver walking the nooks and crannies of a beach community simply trying to sell his books, do his research, and find a port where he can write the Next Great American Novel and Worldwide TV Series – only to meet the weird, the wacky, and the odd – person or situation which may or may not get him back in time to switch his car to the other side of the street before the cops tow away his sleeping quarters. And the Power of O.C.D. Cannot Be Denied: Jim Bailey’s diary ... [Read More...]

Begging to Be Loved: Shannon Renee’s Story

Everyone can relate to the feeling of clamoring for other people’s attention and affection. From a young age, people strive to make friends, gain the approval of others, and impress those they admire the most. Author Shannon Renee perfectly illustrates the struggle that young girls experience as they grow up in her brand-new memoir, Little Pink Roses, which includes poignant details from Renee’s own life. Cycle of Life This autobiography begins when author Shannon Renee is just starting out... [Read More...]

Athena in The Rathole (Biography)

Athena is born at the wrong time, to the wrong parents, and in the wrong country. Her parents are Greek immigrants trying to find their way in America. Athena bounces between two countries, two cultures, eating Greek eyeball stew and lamb’s brain on the one hand, and ice cream cones with sprinkles on the other. Humorously told, Athena must survive her vicious mother, a shaming nun, bullying classmates, and an abusive babysitter. Her mother blames Athena for the family’s troubles and Athe... [Read More...]

Little Pink Roses

Little Pink Roses is a story based upon real-life events about a young girl begging to be loved, seeking acceptance, and overcoming loss and abandonment. Through the Cycle of Life as a youngster, the Author shares events in a humoristic fashion as she endures challenges and blossoms into a young lady. From hanging out with celebrities to starting a field fire, each chapter poises a different experience sure to keep anyone’s attention. $9.99 on Kindle ... [Read More...]