Damned By Nature: Tales of Wild Suspense

Five strangers on a cruise yacht shrouded in fog amuse themselves by peering through the viewing lens of an antique movie projector. But each is shown a horrific story involving their occupational relationship with animals. A bullfighter seeks to escape a witch’s curse. A research doctor is stalked by a vengeful lab specimen. A hunter becomes the hunted in a duel with a snake. A zookeeper discovers a terrifying new exhibit. A fashion designer battles a ferocious adversary. Is it illusion, nig... [Read More...]

Free: My Heart Will Find You

Sunny has been haunted by dreams of an adventurous, wild past life lived in 1797 as a young girl named Jessamyn for her entire life. She writes her dreams into a racy romance novel and while researching detailed history of the period she discovers the characters in her novel had been real people. Soon she suspects these same souls are back in her present life playing very different roles this time. And that true love never dies, it can even survive across the centuries. Free on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

The Rhino Crash

Catapulted into the grim world of rhino poaching, Nick Newman trades life in London for a humble, yet adventurous existence in South Africa. Tasked to monitor and protect critically endangered black rhinos, Nick soon cultivates an understanding of the different individual personalities and their temperamental behaviour by studying the animals in their natural environment. Under constant threat of being poached for their horns, the rhinos become the pivot around which Nick and the Anti-Poaching ... [Read More...]

Work and Rest God’s Way: A Biblical Recipe for Finding Joy and Purpose in All You Do

Do you want to find joy and purpose in all you do? We spend an average of 90,000 hours, or about ten years, working. Hopefully, we find such a large investment of time and energy enjoyable and fulfilling, but for many people, work is the worst part of their day and of their life $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

A Traitor at Poppyridge Cove

When Chase is awarded a major psychiatric achievement, he and Abby head off for a sudden getaway, leaving Emily in charge. But there was no way to know everything that would go wrong while they were away… This exciting novel can be read as a standalone, or as a delightful glimpse into the life of Chase and Abby, and an entirely new adventure with Emily and Ryan — an unlikely pair who will have readers rooting for their happy ending. $3.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Free: Misdirection: How Misaligned Incentives, Corporate Greed and Irresponsibility Caused a Blind Spot on Your P&L

In this book, I am casting a compelling vision of the future, a new opportunity of sorts, as opposed to showing you incremental improvements on what you already do today. This book will give you the insight on what corrupts your health plan, why all the players in this game are incentivized when you pay more and why you have been intentionally kept in the dark. I not only reveal all the hidden agendas, but I detail actionable insight on what you can do to correct it. After reading this book, yo... [Read More...]

Free: Eye of the Moon

Built upon the fabric of the author’s background as a member of the 1%, yet woven from whole cloth, this award-winning bestselling novel is an enchanting web of multigenerational intrigue, secret love affairs, sumptuous dinner parties, potential murders, Egyptian occultism, vicious curses, unexpected magic, and secrets that break, or reshape, lives. Though the opening chapters are perhaps benign, readers and reviewers alike rave that they become ensnared in the story and can’t put it down, ... [Read More...]

Bear’s Secret Baby

Tori Griswold is used to the finest things in life, not slumming it in rural Connecticut. When the ‘Old-Money’ Griswold family is threatened, Billionaire patriarch Charles Griswold sends his youngest daughter, Tori, to the small town of Mystic for her safety. Tori, an eighth-generation bear-shifter isn’t happy about being sent away. She’s old enough to look after herself, and Mystic, Connecticut is deathly boring. Until she meets William Vance, the SPA member assigned as her guard. Tall... [Read More...]

Free: Shock (Book One of The Silhouette in the Dark City)

Thirty-three-year-old Colin Fowler and his dog Scout are simply detectives of smaller works. Drug busts, maybe a few missing people cases. It’s what makes up their life. Thinking things can’t get any harder than a past that haunts him until this day, Colin can’t be further from wrong. With five dead officers and a serial killer who hides amongst the shadows, Colin is drawn into a blood-curdling investigation. With no witnesses, no evidence, and a killer who simply slips between their fing... [Read More...]