Falling for the Grumpy Millionaire Sheriff: A Next Door – Age Gap Lovers Romance

  Courtney I notice his piercing blue eyes. Then his uniform. Then his physique. He says his name is Owen Jackson and he’s the new Sheriff. I think I need to have my legs wrapped around him tonight for sure. Just then, I pull up to my condo, I notice new neighbors. Im installing my new doorbell camera, having multiple glasses of wine since I cant have the new sheriff and off to bed I go. Thud, thump in the middle of the night. A scream shatters the air around me. I call Owen who gave... [Read More...]

Whisper County: Secrets of Souls River, Book 1

In the heart of Souls River, the quaint town is shaken to its core when a blood-spattered farm becomes the stage for a chilling mystery. All eyes turn to Gus Olson, a hardworking man with a reputation tarnished by the disappearance of the captivating waitress, Annabelle. The tight-knit community unite in their conviction of Gus as a ruthless killer. Faced with countless dead ends and a suspicious town, the defense attorney embarks on a relentless quest to unearth the truth and prove Gus’s... [Read More...]

Fired? Afraid You Might Be?

Looking for guidance on navigating workplace rights and legal options? This book demystifies employment law through the story of Matt and Lynn, offering insights into how to handle workplace issues with or without a lawyer. Discover how to protect your rights, assess your case’s value, and transform career setbacks into opportunities. $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

His to Own

He’s supposed to marry her older sister, but he cant stay away MICELI The mafia world is cold and cruel. I live by one rule – cut their throat before they cut yours. It’s what keeps me ruthless and on top of my mafia family. But when I see something I like, I take it. It’s no different with Alessia DeLuca, who’s supposed to marry my rival while Im marrying her older sister. When Alessia sees something she shouldn’t, kidnapping her is the only logical answer T... [Read More...]

The Dominant

Architect Damon Pierce only wants one night. No relationships. No entanglements. Especially not with his friend’s little sister. Hes haunted by his past. Dominance is the only solace he knows, but its far too dangerous to last. $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Holding Paradise

From the Caribbean to the streets of London, Holding Paradise paints a passionate portrait of family secrets, forbidden love, and two women pushed to the edge. Angelica’s seemingly perfect life is torn apart when a family secret is uncovered. At risk of losing her husband and daughter, she boards a plane in desperation to seek the advice of the person whose stories have guided her through life. Her mother, Josephine. Josephine’s life by comparison, has come full circle, starting and... [Read More...]

Free: Caught In The Maelstroms

Maelstrom. A powerful circular current of water; or a situation with great confusion, restlessness, and violence. A perfect storm. Expelled from university, Briar is forced to leave London and return to her coastal home in New York. Thrown back into a seemingly unfamiliar world, she finds herself surrounded by new and old temptations. Trying to regain her footing, she’s reunited with a suffocating piece from her past that threatens to unravel everything she’s become. What Briar thou... [Read More...]

A Cowboy’s Forever Faithful

After almost a decade away from Sweet Water, North Dakota, Travis Feagley is back in town, but his arrival is anything but smooth. Aiming to turn his deep friendship with Ellen into something more, things don’t go as planned when his first day back involves a mix-up at an auction, a brawl, and suddenly, he’s a father. Ellen, always his steadfast friend, is by his side, but as they navigate these unexpected challenges, including Ellen’s harrowing car hijacking, rumors about Tra... [Read More...]

Death on the Grand Strand

Death on the Grand Strand Maintenance men are during their routine of dragging the ponds, to retrieve lost golf balls, on an exclusive Golf Club in South Carolina. To their surprise and shock, they discover the body of a man, his mouth stuffed with golf balls. BJ Gleeson, residing in Louisiana, is called by a good friend, to investigate the murder on behalf of the Grand Strand Golf Club. BJs relationship with his fiance, Lieutenant Karen Gagne from the New Orleans Police Department continues to... [Read More...]