Free: The Old Norse Spell Book: Your Guide to the Elder Futhark, Norse Folklore, Runes, Paganism, Divination, and Magic

Want to travel back in time to the spellbinding Old Norse world—and find out how you can apply its ancient wisdom and magic to modern situations and problems? Then read on: This is the book for you! Runes—the cryptic letters of an Old Norse alphabet—are more than just a collection of dusty symbols from a bygone era. They’re powerful forces that have long been associated with magic and divination. Since ancient times, people have used them for guidance, and they’re still being used toda... [Read More...]

Runaway Masters: A True Story of Slavery, Freedom, Triumph, and Tragedy Beyond 1619 and 1776

Are you a slave? Each of us probably is to something. Still, when slavery comes to mind, chains and shackles usually follow. In the wilds of Old Florida, a type of bondage unlike any other took root. Experience a true story of slavery, freedom, triumph, and tragedy beyond the narratives of 1619 and 1776. Discover the saga of the runaway masters. $0.99 on Kindle ... [Read More...]

Free: The Caves of San Pietro

Set against the backdrop of World War II and its aftermath, two families are forever bonded by an act of heroism and their mutual love for one man. Frank Moster is more determined than ever to play a part in liberating his birth parents’ homeland from the Nazi scourge. Lives will be changed forever and unbreakable bonds will be forged. ... [Read More...]

The Girls from the Beach

In 1944, four American nurses disappeared for five days. No one knew what happened to them. Until now. When Kit and Red set foot on French soil during the Normandy landings, they know they have to rely on each other. As they head for the battlefield, their aim is simple: save lives. But when they’re called away on a top-secret mission to patch up a few men behind enemy lines, everything changes. Alongside fellow nurses, Roxy and Gail, they’re told to prepare for the worst, trading i... [Read More...]

My Splendid Concubine

Robert Hart arrives in China in 1854, and his love for a concubine almost destroys him. Soon, he becomes the only foreigner the Emperor of China trusts and helps end the bloodiest rebellion in world history. Based on a true story. “Those who are interested in unconventional romances with an out-of-the ordinary setting will find plenty to enjoy.” – Historical Novel Society $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Free: Road to the Breaking

It’s early 1860, and war hero Captain Nathaniel Chambers, commander U.S. Army Fort Davis in the west Texas wilderness, has received a summons home to his family planation in Virginia. What ensues is an epic journey across a young nation seething with debauchery, brutality, corruption, and political intrigue, unwittingly on the brink of an unimaginable disaster; the American Civil War. ... [Read More...]

Iron Blood & Sacrifice (The Sons of Beli Mawr)

This iron-age saga brings to life some of Wales’ oldest and most revered heroes, those of Mabinogion fame. Lludd Llaw Ereint, Nynniaw, Rianaw, Caswallawn Fawr and Llefelys all walk again in this ground-breaking and entertaining trilogy. Never before have the invasions of Julius Caesar been told in this modern and contemporary way and from the Brythons’ own perspective. Iron Blood & Sacrifice is a bloody romp through the palisaded hillforts of an ancient Britain when its five Kingdoms we... [Read More...]


Dustin Murphy’s blocked memory of childhood trauma is the key to unravelling a modern-day threat. Can he remember in time to prevent disaster? Haunted by the ghosts of his childhood, Dustin doesn’t understand why he is so disconnected to the world. His mother suggests he may find answers by studying their family’s past, which takes him back to: 1934, Harlem—His Great Aunt Rita is a fixer in the numbers racket. She works side by side with Bumpy Johnson and runs the bank for the operation... [Read More...]

The Georgia Express

April 1862. The Civil War has been raging for a year. Union scout James Andrews hatches a bold plan to end the war go behind enemy lines in Georgia, steal a southern locomotive and bring it north, destroying the rail line and splitting the confederacy in two. Union soldier John Wilson volunteers for the mission and embarks on a harrowing journey in enemy country to reach the town of Big Shanty. There, the other soldiers steal the locomotive called “The General” and embark a wild cha... [Read More...]

We Are Broken

THE MUST READ HISTORICAL FICTION THRILLER OF THE YEAR IT’S NOT ONLY WAR THAT CREATES MONSTERS … The Great War may be over but for disfigured veteran Charlie Hobbs, peace brings its own struggle. Appalled by his gruesome appearance, Hobbs enlists the help of renowned sculptor Francis Derwent Wood, who creates him a lifelike mask to conceal his broken face. But in yearning for acceptance and a return to the life and the love, he left behind, Hobbs finds the country he fought for shatt... [Read More...]