Fairy-tale Islam: Deceptions Masking a Dark Reality

In a world of misleading appearances, this book explores Islam, revealing stark differences between its media portrayal and true teachings. Elass examines Islams doctrines on conflict, human rights, and global influence, offering a thorough look at its sacred texts and figures. He argues that orthodox Islam diverges from Western multiculturalism, isnt a religion of Abraham, and has a fundamentally different God from the Bible. The book underscores Western civilization’s roots in Judeo-Chr... [Read More...]

Free: FDR Unmasked

“FDR Unmasked” explores numerous cover-ups that changed history. Through meticulous research and the expertise of renowned Neurologist, Dr. Steve Lomazow, this book reveals how the president’s health threatened the fate of the free world. Free on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Free: Odar: Silence, Journey Through Despair and Redemption

After a harrowing rescue from forced captivity, Hovseps (who now goes by Joe) sister Mary has joined him and his wife Helen in Detroit. Her impending marriage fills her with uncertainty, but she remains taciturn and moves forward, grateful for her place in the new country. Joe and Helen continue to add to their burgeoning family, charting a course forward for their kin in America. Meanwhile, back in Kaladouran, Louisa and her family are faced with mass exile as her village is taken. Alice and h... [Read More...]

Egyptian Mythology: A Timeless Collection of Egyptian Myths and Legends

Embark on an unforgettable journey through the sands of time with “Egyptian Mythology: A Timeless Collection of Egyptian Myths and Legends.” Crafted for both enthusiasts of Egyptian mythology and newcomers alike, this anthology serves as both an introduction and a deep dive into the tales that form the backbone of ancient Egyptian culture. Through these pages, the ancients speak: tales of divine might, human folly, and the timeless quest for knowledge and justice are reborn. $0.99 o... [Read More...]

A History of the United States for Newcomers

Dive into a concise yet comprehensive history of the United States in one volume, covering major events, influential documents, and key figures from George Washington to Donald Trump. Understand the nation’s wars, cultural nuances, and the current challenges it faces. Designed for newcomers and those wanting a quick yet thorough overview, this book is an essential guide to grasping the essence of America, its past, and its present, complete with visual aids for an enriched learning experi... [Read More...]

Greek Mythology: A Timeless Collection of Greek Myths and Legends

Greek Mythology: A Timeless Collection of Greek Myths and Legends is a great book for those brand new to mythology and also those wishing to expand their knowledge further. Inside, you will be introduced to the characters of the Greek myths, discover how the Ancient Greeks lived and worshipped, and be entertained by the many Greek myths included! $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Before Their Time: 200 Inventions That Were Too Early

Imagine a world where Da Vinci’s robots roamed the Renaissance, where ancient skies were cut by wings far before the Wright brothers took flight, and where the hum of electricity powered cities long before it was a reality. “Before Their Time: 200 Inventions That Were Too Early” opens a captivating window into the audacious human spirit the dreamers and thinkers who dared to envision beyond the limitations of their epochs. Dive into tales of flush toilets that arrived before t... [Read More...]

Free: More Than The President

More Than The President: The Second Month of The War is a logical continuation of the documentary chronicle of the events during the hot phase of the war that Russia initiated against Ukraine on February 24, 2022. This new phase of the war is total and bloody, using modern weapons, making it the largest war in Europe since World War II. A war that will no longer be called a ‘local conflict’ by future historians. The first month was the most difficult and dangerous period. It was the... [Read More...]