Free: Dear David: Is Jesus for Real?

What happens when one friend asks another friend to explain his reasons for believing in Christianity? A 30-page email with enough material for a book, apparently. Dear David is a memoir in letter-form that retells the story of one college student’s dubious yet transformative return to faith. For seekers and skeptics alike, Dear David is a frank and endearing introduction to Christianity without any smoke and mirrors—just a healthy dose of self-deprecating humor and blunt storytelling. If y... [Read More...]

Free: Be My Santa Tonight

The only thing Holly Krueger wants for Christmas is Liam Callahan under her tree, but she isn’t sure he’s ready to give his heart.With a little help from their guardian angels, can Liam make Holly’s Christmas wish come true? Free on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Free: Her Viking Wolf

“I’m engaged to a perfect millionaire, but this time-traveling Viking werewolf says I’m coming home with him!” When Chloe Adams was four, her shiftless shifter parents abandoned her on the side of the road. But now she’s reinvented herself as a DIY domestic goddess, and she’s engaged to the most eligible alpha in Colorado –- that is until a huge, red-haired, time-traveling Viking werewolf shows up to claim her as his fated mate.? Wait… what?!?! “This was dia... [Read More...]

Nightmares on All Saint’s Eve

Nightmares on All Saint’s Eve. A collection of stories sure to thrill you, scare you, chill you to the bone – or to just enjoy the read after some Trick or Treating of your own or supplying the local”treaters” with copious amounts of candy…. while you slam down a few beers or wine! Six authors, none of them strangers to the dark side, present stories of Halloween horror and suspense to chill you to the bone. It’s Halloween, trick or treating might be done but ... [Read More...]

Silent Detonation

An unplanned trip out of town forces Dom to be away. The short trip is soon rocked by an alarming EMP that causes widespread chaos. As the world descends into anarchy, Dom finds himself dependent on strangers for his survival. With no way to reach his family. He braves the journey with two clear missions in mind: save his family or die trying. $0.99 on Kindle ... [Read More...]

When the Children Return

Ten years have passed since the Axleth invaded Earth and four hundred humans escaped aboard the Athena, piloted by the AI who calls himself Ares. Now the refugees approach Earth, determined to take back their home. But something has followed them from deep in space, and as war breaks out on Earth, humanity must decide who is the greater enemy. $2.99 on Kindle ... [Read More...]

Free: Stranger

An unusual power. A dead body. Nowhere to turn. By the time she gets to the Academy for Peculiars, Sophie Harper has already killed a man. The superhuman strength she was born with and abandoned means she’s a peculiar, but her unique gift still alienates her from her peculiar peers because of its rarity. As she settles into her new home, she struggles to catch up with schoolwork and starts falling for her infuriating trainer, a rugged shifter named Will, despite the fact that a relationsh... [Read More...]