The Grimwoods

The year is 1991. Jessie, Ryan and Kentucky Grimwood are three siblings with one very big problem. Left alone for the weekend, their babysitter takes a tumble down the stairs and snaps her neck. Convinced that they’ll be blamed, they concoct a hasty plan to dump the body and say the babysitter left. Things quickly go from bad to worse when Kentucky spots a star pendant around the old woman’s neck and suspect she’s is a witch. Her worst fears come true when the woman reanimates at midnight... [Read More...]


Life as he knew it has come to an end. His battle for survival has only just begun. Tom Woodford can’t believe he’s humanity’s only hope. Awakening from a decade-long coma, he’s shocked to learn a killer virus ravaged the planet and he’s the last-remaining pure human on Earth. His terror only intensifies when a mysterious woman plucks him from the dripping jaws of a bloodthirsty humanoid monster. Fleeing with his cryptic caretaker towards her home in the West, Tom’s days blur into a... [Read More...]

Emotional Defect

Emotional Defect: A realtor’s term encapsulating any previous crimes, tragedies, or rumored hauntings that have occurred on the property they’re trying to sell. Brought in by a realtor and unstable homeowner a paranormal enthusiast and her psychic friend want to make sure a Georgia house is haunted before purchasing it. Together, the group all stay there for the weekend…The owner desperate for an escape. The potential buyer eager for proof. $3.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Into The Other: Book One of The Other Trilogy

The building shakes and a loud, piercing sound drives into their heads. Everyone at the Secord Heights Hotel drops into unconsciousness. When they reawaken, they find themselves no longer in the city of Secord but in a dark and deadly world. They dare not leave the confines of the hotel for there are deadly creatures stalking the hostile environment surrounding it. Will they die of thirst, of hunger, or the vile monsters in this world? Or will they kill each other? $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]


Alice’s life is spiraling out of control. After an accident leads to a tainted blood transfusion, Alice descends into the supernatural world of vampires, addicted to blood, destined to sin. Only, that’s her second largest problem. The first might kill her for real. With no sire or formal keeper, Alice is among the feral vampires, marked by white eyes and the ability to live without drinking blood, unless the cravings prevail. Caught between old rivals, Alice doesn’t know what ... [Read More...]