Royal Treatment

Princess Audrey of Clervaux is on a humanitarian trip to Ndola, a small country in southeast Africa, and her immediate attraction to her sexy Scottish bodyguard, Callum MacLeod, takes her by surprise. When the ex-soldier kisses her, it becomes impossible to deny the chemistry between them. But Callum MacLeod is damaged. He simply survives with his trauma, never looking for what he thought he couldn’t have. That is, until Princess Audrey stumbles into his life. $1.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Roast & Grind: A Gay Coffee Shop Romance

The story revolves around Logan Fletcher, a barista at his family’s coffee shop in the sleepy British town of Hazelmoor. He meets the handsome, enigmatic Chase, but as Logan feels himself falling hard and fast for his new admirer, he can’t seem to shake the feeling that Chase might not be all that he’s letting on… Roast and Grind is a contemporary gay love story of deception, forgiveness, friendship and trust, filled with laughs, sweet romance and the prevailing belief t... [Read More...]

Legacy Lost

Growing up as an honorary Taggart, Eric Patterson has the family he’s always wanted. Almost. Somehow, he never managed to see the clan’s youngest and only daughter–stubborn spitfire Shelby–quite like a little sister. Now that she’s grown, his long-suppressed feelings are determined to come to light. Too bad Shelby’s cursed. Her double-whammy psychic powers to read emotions and locate anyone anywhere have always made relationships impossible. But her echolocation skills a... [Read More...]

Kissing Frogs

What would you do if your mother advertised for a date for you, on digital-billboards across the London underground system, using a photo only a mother could love and a caption that begged ‘Date My Daughter (please)’ Kate Turner gets arrested for vandalism and then blackmailed by her mother and childhood nemesis Mark, into a “serious” two-month hunt for a boyfriend. It’s turning into mission impossible. She can’t rely on the Underground posters. All she gets from them is a stalker a... [Read More...]

Ignite the Spark Between Us

I’ll never love again after losing my wife. There’s no time for it anyway. My daughter is my main focus, along with fighting fires for a living. I’ve closed up my heart and decided the bachelor life is for me. Or that was the plan. And yet there’s something about my daughter’s teacher. The woman unravels me—one smile at a time. Too bad she’s off-limits. A casual fling would be nice. But no, it’s not right. Unfortunately, the pretty woman who’s staining my dreams disagrees. She... [Read More...]

Accidental Dad (The Irresistible Daddies Book 1)

Judge me all you want, Call me the queen of scandals, if you will! I…I want a baby, No, no…I don’t want IVF, I want it the ‘old fashioned way’. I want it….with you, doctor. When Doctor Ted Winters takes me to a sperm bank, I am supposed to be evaluating the qualities I want in a donor. But, all I am thinking about is, How about Doctor Winters as the…omg… We all deserve a second chance in life, right? Well, I know it’s not going to happen, I know what I did back then was unpard... [Read More...]