Of Stars and Secrets (Stars Book 1 of 2)

Secrets can instigate peril or save her life. Kiersten abandoned the Prince of Dulsar before their arranged marriage in order to continue delivering the vaccine to combat a virus decimating newly colonized planets. She encounters Aiden on Station 5 where he joins in her to assist in the release of her brother from incarceration. They must decide if their discoveries will save lives and join the most powerful planets in an effort to advance the Alliance. $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Burn it Down

Finn lives a hero’s life: saving lives by day and giving orgasms by night. He’s fairly skilled with both, too. Gigi is hardly a damsel in distress—and she doesn’t need a hero. What she does need is the man she’s been in love with her whole life. Her brother’s best friend. $2.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Single Dad Baker (A Second Chance Romance Book 1)

Jack’s a billionaire baker, with just the right size buns… I’m every woman’s dream. I can bring all their desires to life. I can make it happen. Cream puffs, shortbread, and even ladyfingers. All can be turned into the naughtiest thoughts. I’m the master of my trade. Single dad, nothing can stop me. But, there’s one recipe I can’t figure out. An innocent girl that crushed on me. Correction: She used to be innocent. Now she’s back. Hot, sexy and all grown up. With a touch of the ... [Read More...]

Lucky in Love

Want to know a secret? I’m still in love with my high school sweetheart. I know it sounds silly. But his deep brown eyes and adorable dimples give me sleepless nights. He abandoned me all those years ago. I didn’t think he’d ever return. And look at me. I’m embarrassingly still holding on to my V-card. But now that he’s back… He’s hotter than ever. A notorious playboy and rich as sin. I made the mistake of trusting him once. There’s no way I’ll put my heart on the line aga... [Read More...]

Free: Whispers in Colorado

Will this ice queen drop her armor of frost long enough to let in the handsome vet? When Jasmine Tate returned to the Double T, she didn’t expect to stay for long. She had fled as soon as she was old enough to build a life for herself in New York, but when her father died Jasmine realized how much she had missed out on. When she meets Jack Turner, country vet, the attraction is instant. But Jack is nothing like the men she’s used to dating. He’s dark, broody, and has shadows that haunt hi... [Read More...]

A Fortune to Win: A Romance Miniseries

Drug addicts Harvey, Lord Darlingside, and his supermodel wife, Mara, died by drowning in the Trevi Fountain while on a heroin binge. In a previous rare moment of sobriety, Harvey created a trust for their three children with a peculiar stipulation designed to ensure none would go his way: each must demonstrate maturity by making a substantial non-monetary contribution to others. A Fortune To Win is the story of the Darlingside heirs’ journey to love and their legacies. $2.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Temple of Dawn (A Dark Elf Romance Book 1)

A dangerous bargain with a dark elf hunter, and an attraction too intense to ignore. When Messendra is called to the High Priest in the middle of the night, she assumes she’s being rewarded for her four years of service and being granted the title of Knight Scepter.Except she’s not, she’s the next living sacrifice.After a bit of trickery, Messendra escapes the temple only to be captured by a dark elf bounty hunter too beautiful and crude to be real. Raegar is willing to listen... [Read More...]

Miss Behave

She’s great at giving advice, too bad she never takes it… Piper Anderson wants to be a serious journalist at a serious paper covering serious news. Instead, she’s stuck at the Pendleton Falls Herald, where her massive investigative skills are wasted penning the paper’s advice column, Miss Behave. Her shot at a meaty story comes when she’s assigned to write up a profile of a local business, Brookes Jewelers. She is determined to write the piece so she can use the article to impress... [Read More...]