One Night Boyfriend

I can’t seem to get him out of my head, Or my heart. Okay, now I’m thinking that like all disasters this too shall pass. Until, I meet my new boss – my one night boyfriend! His impeccable mannerism draws me in – one more time. The temptation to touch him is just too great, And I can’t resist. We had agreed that we would never meet again, But fate has us face to face, And all I care about now is bending over his desk and screaming his name. Will I ever be able to convince my one night b... [Read More...]

Wild About Her

An older man younger curvy woman short romance from Sara Hazel William: I’ve seen beauty in my life, but nothing like her. She’s sweet, and real. The kind of real I’ve been searching for. I’m going to prove to her in one night why I’m the man for her. She’s my future wife and I intend to make that happen sooner rather than later. Mara: The billionaire William Harper wants to spend time with me. I can’t believe it and I’m not entirely sure what his intentions are, but the int... [Read More...]

Free: Secret Crush

He wouldn’t kiss her again… He swallowed. “I’m attracted to you and that’s something my brother and the world doesn’t need to see.” Billionaire FBI agent John Morgan returns for his father’s funeral, igniting his interest in his sister’s best friend, and getting them both in danger. For some, joining the FBI is a long-term goal. For billionaire John Morgan, joining the Bureau is a stepping stone to proving his father is culpable for his sister’s de... [Read More...]

Barefoot Under The Moon

Ready for a dark, satirical yet humorous romance? 21-year-old Toby, recently released from prison, finds a job as a dishwasher, where he’s quickly attracted to two waitresses, Britney and Ashley. While Toby lives with Britney, he’s had an affair with Ashley, who soon blackmails him into fulfilling her humiliation fantasies. But in the tradition of romance novels, this one ends on a high note.  Warning: contains hot scenes. $2.99 on Kindle   ... [Read More...]