An Ordinary Life, Extraordinary Spark

Life can be tough, especially with the constant barrage of obligations, news, work, family events. It can be hard to find yourself and God through all the chaos. J. A. Richards’ memoir, An Ordinary Life, Extraordinary Spark, takes the reader through her spiritual journey and how she found God in the quiet, the mundane, the ordinary. $0.99 on Kindle ... [Read More...]

Free: The Nestlings: A Compilation of Small Truths

This book is a compilation of excerpts from the books of 2019, the books from the series, The Angelic Premie, both those published and yet to be launched from the Series, The Nest. The books of 2019 began with the seedling that is the too early born babe. They grew into the images that were informed by the experiences of the caretakers and the loved ones of these babes. Ultimately, they shapeshifted into something more powerful, for they became entry points into the liminal, in-between world of... [Read More...]

Free: Climbing Into Eternity: My Descent in Hell and Flight to Heaven

This is Michele’s story about the realities of life as we know it and the truthful realities of the afterlife. She knows she was sent back to share her experiences, and openly shares her life leading to her two near-death-experiences she had. Her hope is that the reader will be motivated to live a life that would assure them of a place in Heaven. ... [Read More...]

Free: A Fate Unwound Too Soon

This is a book of photography and poems, of images that convey to the readers the experience of being the too early born and of being the loved one or caretaker of the micro preemie. I wrote the poems included in order to share what I felt and learned as a caretaker of the tiniest of premature babies. One thread has run through the whole of my experience in the NICU: the rise of the unheralded sympathy that is native to all things. What I expect to see in the intensive care setting is the most ... [Read More...]