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The Success Protocol: The 5% That Creates Instant, Permanent Change

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The Roadmap To Hospital Care

“The Roadmap to Hospital Care: Insights on Preparing for Health Emergencies & Hospital Stays with Confidence” is your guide to navigating healthcare challenges with clarity and assurance. Written by an experienced hospital physician, it offers relatable personal stories and practical advice on selecting hospitals and healthcare teams, preparing advance directives, avoiding unnecessary visits, ensuring safety during hospital stays, navigating intensive care, making end-of-life de... [Read More...]

Human, Flawed, Forgiven

Human, Flawed, Forgiven is a transformative guide that delves into the complex journey of forgiveness for one’s parents. The narrative is structured to help readers understand that while parents are inherently flawed as all humans are holding onto anger and blame is a self-imposed burden that serves no purpose. It emphasizes that forgiveness is a gift one gives to oneself, a crucial step toward healing and building a healthier, happier life. Through personal anecdotes, psychological insig... [Read More...]

Chair Yoga for Weight Loss

Transform your body in just 28 days with “Chair Yoga for Weight Loss.” This innovative guide is perfect for anyone looking to shed belly fat, sculpt glutes, and boost energy levels all from the comfort of a chair. With easy-to-follow, illustrated exercises, you can achieve your fitness goals in just 10 minutes a day. Whether you’re a beginner or seeking a low-impact workout, this book offers a step-by-step plan to help you see real results. Each exercise is carefully designed ... [Read More...]

Pioneering Prosperity: The Morazan Model for Free Cities

Explore “Pioneering Prosperity: The Morazn Model for Free Cities,” a guide for entrepreneurs and investors on creating thriving economic ecosystems. Discover how to build self-sustaining cities with innovative strategies and engage in a global network of visionaries. Join the movement to shape future cities grounded in freedom and innovation. $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Chair Yoga for Men Over 50

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Boost Your Bullsh*t Resilience At Work

Are you fed up with the daily grind at your workplace? Do you wish there was a way to navigate the ups and downs of office politics with ease and even have fun at work? Let this book help you with that! In “Boost Your Bullsh*t Resilience At Work,” renowned author Chris Reavis presents 13 proven practices to help you not only survive but thrive in the often chaotic world of work. Drawing on the latest evidence-based research and science-backed strategies, Reavis combines practical ad... [Read More...]

One Destiny Two Hearts: Soul Partners Reunite To Fulfill Their Pre-Life Promise

Explore a profound spiritual journey in ‘One Destiny Two Hearts.’ A true tale of self-discovery and transformation, this book intertwines Faith and Ken’s lives as they uncover pre-life promises and prepare for an extraordinary trip to India under the guidance of a Master Yogi. This first installment of the ‘Let Destiny Find You’ series blends personal reflections, humor, and spiritual insights, including a complimentary journal to inspire your own path. $0.99 on Ki... [Read More...]