Free: The Final Frame

He sacrificed his family for ambition — but now they’re all he has left. Cameron Parrish became Hollywood’s #1 action director by refusing to use AI-assist technology. Every film is a box office success, but neither fame nor fortune makes up for the fact that Cameron’s dying to make real cinema — an Oscar-worthy movie that will show the world he’s an auteur, not the clever hack that the critics make him out to be. But mere hours after being greenlit for the film he knows he was bo... [Read More...]

The Wisdom Answer: Equipping Teens Living in a Culture of Deception An Interaction Journal Based on Proverbs 1-9

Do your teens recognize the sticky web of cultural deception? Can they identify its tactics of influence and control? Are they prepared to avoid its grasp, or could they fall victim to its counterfeits? Because we’re designed by God, He knows how we function best. We could say, “We come with instructions.” Using this journal, teens will examine Scripture line-by-line and story-by-story through the first nine chapters of Proverbs. They will learn how poor choices lead to unwanted consequen... [Read More...]

Jace Mitchell & Michael Anderle Complete Library: Two complete series

Do you like fantasy? Do you like urban fantasy? If your answer was “YES!” to both of those questions, the Jace Mitchell & Michael Anderle Complete Library set is for you! Get to know Claire and Riley respectively in the Paranormal University series and the Hand of Justice Series. They are heroes you can cheer for and the action never stops! $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Free: Rewiring the White Collar Mind: Transcending Professional Training to Achieve True Life Balance and Contentment

A quarter century ago, Charles Price was a successful and respected lawyer. So why was he miserable? After some serious soul-searching, he realized the truth. Education and work experience had misled him into believing that it was possible to be in total control of outcomes, that money is the ultimate measure of worth, and that success is more important than our connections with others. Maybe you’re a professional like Charles, someone constantly earning raises and bonuses and commendatio... [Read More...]

Free: A Young Woman’s Guide to Life: A Cautionary Tale

Since 1996, Ann Aikens’s newspaper column “Upper Valley Girl” has delighted readers with anecdotes, cautionary tales, and Ann’s signature blend of humor and sincerity. Now Ann has collected her best advice into one volume aimed at helping the Young People (hereafter referred to as YPs) avoid her mistakes—or at least make more interesting ones. If you’re a young woman looking ahead to college or your first job or serious relationship, or wondering how to navigate ... [Read More...]

Think Like an AI

Chris: In character as a best-selling author, business consultant, and marketing expert, can you please write the description of your latest book, “Think Like an AI” AI: Sure, here is the description of my latest book, “Think Like an AI”: In this book, I will teach you how to think like an AI. I will cover topics such as how to gather and analyze data, how to identify patterns, and how to make predictions. I will also discuss the ethical implications of AI and how to dev... [Read More...]

Blood Claimed

“My deepest secret is his darkest temptation.” Rowan Forge was a sinful fantasy come true, the beautiful king I’d worshipped my entire life—until the night I rejected him, so I could save him. Now I’ve been dragged back to the Shadowsend Clan, surrounded by powerful enemies, a pawn in the High Council’s war against the Elders. But this deadly world isn’t all bad, not when Darrow and Finn are so eager to teach me the wicked games our kind loves to play. I’ll match wits with the c... [Read More...]

The Marriage Pact

He’s the one that got away. Now that I’m back in town, the jerk wants to offer me a job. This isn’t good for either of us. He feels like he’s got to make up for what happened when we were kids. And I have to restrain my hormones from doing the tango in front of him. Never a good working relationship. Or is it? See, here’s the deal. We made a pact when we were kids. If by some crazy reason we weren’t married by the time we were thirty, we’d marry each other. Well, time’s up. And ... [Read More...]