Free: Sit Down and Shut Up: Finding Your Voice In An Insensitive World

An exhilarating story that will capture your heart through hardships and inspire you through perseverance and grit. Debra was determined to discover the purpose and destiny for her life. Many of us have grown up in dysfunctional homes, where you may have been told to Sit Down and Shut Up! Debra’s story shouts with victory, overcoming all odds and discovering her divine purpose through seeking God’s plan for her life. If Debra’s story sounds like your story, this book is a defi... [Read More...]

Free: Africa: Reframing Political Leadership: Discover new insights and the importance of leading from life through interviews with Africa’s Heads of State

The “Presidency” has developed into the most powerful institution in the world. These individuals can start and end wars, grow or destroy economies, leave their countries in a better or worse place. The impact of political leadership is felt more acutely in countries that are still developing. This is particularly true across Africa where political leaders are a strong determinant of a country’s sustainable growth trajectory, or lack thereof. This book offers a rare opportunity to pull ba... [Read More...]

Fabled Quest Chronicles

Many have died along the magical Titan’s Trail! It is a journey like no other through unimaginable dangers, both mortal and magical, of men and monsters, by day and night—all to reach the limitless riches of the magic kingdom of Atlantea. Amazon reviewer: “Lord of the Rings Meets King Solomon’s Mines!” From $0.99 to $5.99 on Kindle. Learn More ... [Read More...]

You Can Turn This Around, A Memoir: How I Learned To Become My Own Fairy Godmother

With a Spanish father and Scottish mother, Lazara grew up between both countries, gaining powerful insights into the differences in people’s thought patterns and behaviors across cultures from a very early age. A traumatic childhood and adolescence led to the realization that we each hold the power within ourselves to create an amazing life of abundance. This personal story is one of hope and transformation. In it, Lazara shares how she turned tragic events and circumstances into a life of ab... [Read More...]


What happens when a teen hacker uncovers a conspiracy that reaches the highest levels of the White House? Covert ops specialist Kaden Baker and 16-year-old Scorpion take on powerful forces who will stop at nothing to prevent them from revealing the truth. Will they be in time to stop a doomsday weapon before it’s unleashed on Washington, D.C.? $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Age Well and Feel Great: The Proven Path to Solving the Aging Puzzle and Going the Distance

You can make positive changes that will have a powerful and lasting impact on your health and well-being… What if you could see yourself in the future? Are you struggling with physical pain and emotional decline, robbing you of the opportunity to age well and enjoy life? If the answer is yes or even maybe, don’t despair, there is hope. You CAN age well and feel great for years to come. And it doesn’t matter how old you are now. Anyone can improve their health and impact how the second hal... [Read More...]

The New Boss: A Limited Edition Romance Collection

The boss will see you now… In this collection, you can expect delectable sexual tension, witty banter, and steamy hookup goodness. These men are smart, audacious, and sexy as sin with a body to match. They are in control and know how to take charge. With late-night deadlines and trips out of town, working together means facing temptation every day. Business with pleasure… Who says you can’t have both? $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]