Use Your God-Given Powers: God Empowers You to Decide What You Think and Feel

Use Your God-Given Powers: God Empowers You to Decide What You Think and Feel

Are you a Christian who shuns all psychological theories and self-help techniques? You get depressed or have panic attacks but will not seek a therapist. You will not take any control of your thoughts and feelings because you believe the lord wants you to go through this? You don’t take control over anything in your life because you believe that god is in charge?

Perhaps you are the opposite of this. You read all of the self-help books and try the techniques. You have been to several different therapists all who tried a different approach. However, you still have anxiety and feel insecure and stressed at times.
Most people are in one camp or the other. They believe that they have the answer that works best for them. Perhaps their faith has helped them through many trials and tribulations but they reach a plateau where they don’t seem to go any further.
I wrote this book and the ones that follow to show you and others that you can have it all. You can enjoy the peace, love, and life purpose that the lord shows you. Additionally, you can benefit from all the self-help that has benefitted many people.
You can control your thoughts and feelings and choose how you feel in any circumstance. You can heal the emotional effects of past trauma. You can use the law of attraction to bring what you want into your life in a way that benefits everyone.
If you wonder how I can make such bold claims. I am a Licensed Professional Counselor and a Deacon at my Baptist Church. Over the decades I have seen people benefit from counseling and therapy. I have seen how people benefit from self help techniques having attended many seminars over the years.

I have also seen how people benefit from knowing the lord. I have seen people achieve peace, self-acceptance, become more loving, having a stronger sense of purpose because they know the lord.

The purpose of this book and the ones that will follow is to let you know that you can benefit from faith and the use of therapeutic self-help techniques. I want you to be enabled to live the best life that you can possibly live with all the tools you will need to live a life filled with joy, peace, and success. $4.99 on Kindle
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