The Lost Boys MC

You don’t f*ck with a Lost Boy. And you especially don’t f*ck with their women. In this set get all EIGHT of the Lost Boys MC stories and find out exactly what it means to be a member of the Lost Boys motorcycle club. This set includes: Texas, Stone, Bronx, Notch, Diego, Puck, Frost, and West. $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

[2022 Version] How to Start and Grow an E-Commerce Business

Warning: this book cannot make you rich. Probably not the blurb you expected for a book about making money online, was it? But here’s the reality: there is no book on earth that can give you the Golden Ticket. The idea that you can print money from a magical money vending machine (“put $1 in, you’ll get $4 out!”) is a lie. It is spread by internet marketing gurus who have a vested interest in your belief in it. More belief in the lie = more seats sold in their “masterclass.”So, what... [Read More...]

The Silver Lake Murder

Blake Rivers and his girlfriend Rose left Silver Lake for New Orleans a few years ago, he swore he would never come back. Hurricane Katrina hitting New Orleans has caused a separation between Blake and Rose. He has been looking for her in New Orleans for months. He knows it’s a long shot but thinks maybe she went back home to Silver Lake. Upon his arrival to Silver Lake, he notices the new sign up ahead that reads, Welcome to Silver Lake. As he pulls up closer to the sign, he can see a police... [Read More...]

I Am Justice

Introducing Justice Winters, an amateur detective juggling secrets, friends, and danger in the tradition of Veronica Mars. Justice Winters is doing her best to live like an ordinary college student, keeping all her secrets—past and present—buried deep. Even Cadence, the friend she calls “sister,” doesn’t know how Justice earns the cash to cover rent, much less the unspeakable truth about Pop and the sisters she left behind. On the night a careless boy threatens to reveal one of her se... [Read More...]

Broken Princess

Aria Adair is the princess of the Empire. Her father—King—rules with an iron fist, and her mother is just as deadly. The one thing Aria has always known, thankfully, is that she’s loved. Her whole life, she’s felt it, reveled in the knowledge that no one could take it away from her. Until that fateful night when everything changes. $2.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Free: 22 Dutch Road

    Award-winning paranormal horror from debut author T.C. Schueler! An estranged son drives twelve hours to his deceased father’s mansion so he can collect badly needed money from the estate. Forced to spend the week at 22 Dutch Road, Billy begins believing the samurai-styled statues can talk to him by day, and worse, move at night-his father might not be so dead after all. Free on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Free: Soul Tempest

In the space of a single day, Axel Knight accidentally freezes his school, punches a monster (badly), then watches a mysterious police officer annihilate that monster with a snap of his fingers. As weird days go, that was only the beginning. Now a recruit in the Otherworld Police Department, Axel soon finds this new world has everything he’s ever wanted: swords, true companions, mythical creatures, big fireballs…and a league of soul-powered warriors, sworn to protect the innocent. But Axel ... [Read More...]

Tired of Being Tired

A very short non-fiction eBook (around 30 pages) written in a scientific manner. Each chapter provides actionable steps you can take to solve the proposed issue of sleep: What to eat, what to do, what not to do, quirky bio hacks, and most of all scientific reasoning for the reader to understand the importance of a claim and why it is recommended. Some points are obvious yet detailed insight is shared upon those. The majority of the book should contain information you did not know or did not kno... [Read More...]