Dragon Burn: A Dragon Shifter Romance (The Omen Club Book 1)

What I thought would be the perfect murder, quickly turned into a beautiful disaster. The mission is simple. Find my target. Gut her like a fish. In and out and I’m home free. That’s the plan until an intense glare catches my attention. A few drinks and some harmless flirting with a handsome stranger changes everything. My target is his fiancee and that spells trouble for me. Sebastian I’m engaged to be married in thirty days. What could go wrong? The Omen Club is the hottest ... [Read More...]

Free: Relatively Strange: A Roller-Coaster Of A Psi-Fi Thriller (Strange Series Book 1)

TELEPATH: SENSE OF HUMOUR, OVERACTIVE CONSCIENCE, KNOWS HER OWN MIND – AND YOURS. PREFERS QUIET LIFE TO LIFE-THREATENING. HOW’S THAT WORKING OUT THEN? Stella’s upbringing is fairly average, her Psi abilities kept carefully within the family. But only when she comes up against the reality of medical experimentation and its horrific consequences, does she realise how certain she is of one thing. This hero stuff really isn’t her; normal’s going to be the name of the game from the... [Read More...]

Free: Accidental Lazarus – DEAD & BUSY: Episode 1

A paranormal detective like Dave Callaghan has already seen everything, but he never expected to find a presumed dead mobster drinking scotch in his armchair. He is definitely unhappy when he (it?) engages him to find out who shot him. But the worse is yet to come; Dave’s girlfriend gets involved and the real trouble begins. ... [Read More...]

Shade Cursed

When a shadow wizard with a dark past uncovers a supernatural conspiracy, he’ll stop at nothing to get revenge on the Fae who enslaved him! Shade Cursed is the first entry in The Shadow Changeling Series, a Colin McCool Junkyard Druid spin-off series set in M.D. Massey’s Druidverse urban fantasy setting. Grab your copy of the first novel in this upcoming urban fantasy trilogy today! $2.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Free: Miller’s Crossing

Visit Miller’s Crossing, a town where everyone sees ghosts. Unfortunately, not all the ghosts are wanted visitors. Centuries ago, a family was assigned the role of “keepers” to handle those intruders, and the occasional demon that visited. The only problem, a tragedy broke the line, leaving only a small boy who was too young to know the truth of who and what they were, robbing Miller’s Crossing of their protectors. After thirty years, he returned with a family of his own unaware of the... [Read More...]

Richter’s War: Case of the Lady Crow

In this paranormal thriller short read, L.A.’s hard-boiled, World War II-era private detective Geno Richter faces down a new supernatural Nazi foe, one that he must stop before it can deal a deadly blow to the American war effort. Although Richter has a few tricks of his own, he’ll need them more than ever to stop the Nazi plan and to defeat the rise of this devious and dreadful enemy. $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

A Witch’s Lament

Salem, Massachusetts has managed to build a thriving industry of tourism on the foundations of its dark past. But, beneath the seaside charm, bewitching shops, and seasonal surge of wannabe-witches and thrill seekers, the ancient darkness still lurks. Oblivious to the brewing danger, Skye Temple buys a historic house in the witch capital of the world and on her first day uncovers a skeleton and ancestral diaries in her new home’s library. In escalating events of magic and murder, Skye dis... [Read More...]

Free: The Aegean Immortals Series

  Welcome to the World of the Aegeans! Here, in a march across millennia, mythical creatures move throughout the societies of men on a journey that brings them out of the shadows. With the help of true love — or a nudge from fate, every Aegean discovers the dawn. The World of the Aegeans introduces a new breed of Immortal to the paranormal genre, calling on both Greek inspired mythology and High Fantasy tropes. Descended from the Fae, their blood drinking is a curse and secondary to the... [Read More...]