Chosen For Power: Hexe Volume One

Looks, love and a life in the movie biz: Lucy has it all. Until, however, a world of witchcraft wraps its tendrils around Lucy and everything she prizes. Having evaded the magical powers that were her birth-right, the blossoming stage-star now finds herself dragged back to their most sinister depths. Baron’s spellbinding series follows the fates of four women, in four eras, connected by the same destiny of dark magic $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Queens of Beasts: The Trappings of War

A union cursed by the heavens and damned by the underworld. Fourteen years ago, John and Mioko Mashall set into motion a series of events that would change the fate of the world. Fueled by greed, power, and money, they unleashed on the world what would forever be known as The Queens of Beasts. Adara. Revy. Mika. Mirai. Rin With the clock winding down, the Mashall sisters are forced to take on their biggest enemy yet, their parents. However, things are not what they seem. Betrayal. Secrets. Ulte... [Read More...]

Celestial Summoner: An Esoteric Paranormal Suspense Thriller

Death has gripped the throat of middle America. Random people are being heinously murdered, with the bodies displayed in the most horrific way. Detective John Chandless is a thick-skinned officer from New York who had apprehended the most depraved men in the barrios. Perhaps he had underestimated the evil in the heart of the country. Kansas shouldn’t be so harsh compared to the City, but murder has no favorite state. How could this veteran detective be stumped? partner, Simin Khouri, was a &#... [Read More...]

The Guardian of the Rain

An ambitious detective. A family heirloom. An unexpected gateway into a precariously uncharted world. Elizabeth Dampton is an excellent cop. Traveling to her grandparents’ vacation home where she spent part of her childhood seemed like a good idea. While rummaging around the cabin and taking inventory of the inherited belongings, she discovers an old clock that is not just any clock, but a gateway portal that will throw Dampton into a world where nothing is as it seems, a world that will ... [Read More...]

Restless Spirits

All Ethan wants is a normal life. Too bad the ghosts won’t let him have one. Everywhere he goes, Ethan is haunted by spirits demanding his attention. He’s tried to help them, but all it’s done is wreck his career and ruin his reputation. Now, he’s learned his lesson. He’ll never get involved with another spirit. Then David calls. David, Ethan’s former boyfriend and one true love, begs Ethan for a favor. David’s sister Tessa is slowly going mad. Her husband and doctor claim it’s ... [Read More...]

The Underground: Police Zombie Squad (Book 1)

Ten years earlier America was changed forever. Was it an attack or a naturally occurring event? The government still didn’t know. The only thing certain was the results. 130,000 Americans were dead, and if not for the heroic efforts of medical science in producing a vaccine, the United States would likely have ceased to exist as a functioning nation. More disturbing was the new term that became a part of every citizen’s vocabulary – Post-life Reanimated Entity, or PRE – the government... [Read More...]

Free: A Mackenzie Witch Collection 2: Jingle Purrs, Potion Heist and The Power of Two and a Half

Paranormal mystery with humor, magic, a witch in training, her chatty feline companion and their new companion, Rebel. Jingle Purrs: It’s Lexie and Luna’s first Christmas together and they are investigating the case of a missing cat. Potion Heist: There’s a breakout of infidelity and people are falling for the wrong types with disastrous consequences…The Power of Two and a Half: Lexie and Luna return from exile and face one hundred O’Rourke detectives. ... [Read More...]

Free: Banks Blackhorse Book 1 – 2: The Night the Sky Fell and The Day the Sky Shattered

Welcome to modern-day Alaska. A young ambitious man wants the very best in life. After he makes a pact with the Great Spirit, he places his entire town in jeopardy unless he is able to quash the Spirit’s wrath. With the help of his animal guide, a young blind boy, and messages from the dead, he begins his reluctant journey to right his wrong. ... [Read More...]