Compelling Psychological Fiction & Nonfiction by B.C. Harris

Artist, author, and part-time professor B.C. Harris offers exciting, thought-provoking content for fans of both fiction and nonfiction. If you love suspense, adventure, and pondering deep questions, Harris’s books will pull you in and leave you hanging on every word until the very last page.

The Darkness

This gripping psychological thriller follows Sarah Sulmona, a woman who has been plagued by bad luck. In the span of 2 years, Sarah broke up with 2 lovers, suffered a miscarriage, and lost her mother. In a desperate attempt to get a fresh start, Sarah travels to a remote jungle for the adventure of a lifetime.

Sarah and a small group of fellow adventurers are exploring the jungle when they get caught in a horrible tropical storm. Racing for safety, the group discovers a grotesque murder scene. Darkness falls over the jungle, and suddenly, the forest itself seems to have an evil presence.

When morning finally arrives, the group wakes to find that the murder victim has vanished. Throughout the day, members of the group begin to slowly disappear one by one. Engulfed by fear and dread, Sarah begins to wonder if she — or anyone — will make it out alive.

Why: Our Search for Meaning in the 21st Century

In this nonfiction book, Harris contemplates some of life’s toughest questions and discusses the philosophical implications of modern existence. He draws on his own experience as a professional counselor to respond to difficult queries, such as:

        • Why are some people so prosperous yet so unhappy?
        • Why do pain and suffering exist?
        • Why are we here?
        • What will happen when religions begin to fade out of significance?
        • Why are we obsessed with the idea of eternal life?
        • How come people are resistant to change?
        • Is gene editing going to eradicate diseases like cancer?
        • Will medical advancements soon enable us to enjoy longer, healthier lives?
        • Will VR enable us to create our own realities?
        • Will climate change lead to our own extinction?

Harris’s well-articulated responses are refreshing to ponder and could inspire you to reconsider some of your own firmly-held beliefs. If you want to expand your worldview, go into this book with an open mind and curiosity. You won’t regret it.


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