I am Cecilia

Suffocating in a small Eastern European village, Cecilia’s meticulous plans are constantly dashed by selfish adults and the town bully Jessica. Cecilia is still there to solve her small circle of friends´ crises. And they have them – in spades! Too smart for her own good, her worst enemy is often the raging fire of rebellion constantly burning within herself. Oh, and the boy she tries to convince herself she’s not in love with might follow in his father’s footsteps and ... [Read More...]

I Can’t Breathe – The Never Ending George Floyd’s

In I Can’t Breathe -The Never-Ending George Floyds, political analyst Earl Ofari Hutchinson examines all aspects of the Chauvin case. His in-depth look at the compelling issues in the case is based on his series of investigative opinion columns published at thehutchinsonreport.net. He detailed the national rage that the Floyd murder stoked. He gives a hard-nosed assessment of why cops like Chauvin who routinely overuse deadly force are never tried. Or. in the rare cases they are, are seldom... [Read More...]

Scared Shiftless

A stiletto heel through a vampire’s heart… Who ever said you had to sacrifice fabulous for functional? Eventually I’d find her, the one who stole my abilities. Now I was stuck like this… As a water elemental, everything about me before was fluid… My shape, my gender… Hell, I didn’t even have a gender before… Whatever form was most appealing to my human prey… that’s the shape I’d take. Luring my prey to my watery lair through sex appeal and alluring song… I didn’t even ... [Read More...]

Slater – Book One Sabela Series

How far would you go? Sabela and her ex-boyfriend had always agreed that their relationship would never be permanent. Think of it as a friendship with benefits. So when Davin left for University, they parted on good terms. Or, so she thought. When she starts seeing another man, Davin changes the rules and insists she leaves San Diego and joins him in Texas. Sabela quickly learns that “no” has dire consequences. Davin’s jealousy weaves a web of lies and blackmail to make her ob... [Read More...]

The Marshall and the Thief

A woman desperate to escape… Paige is on the run from her family and the U.S. Marshall hunting them. No one says denies her father. The plan was simple, escape during the train robbery and make a fresh start. Her plans go awry when an impulsive decision drops her into the arms of the Marshall. Nash offers her a deal she can’t refuse. Help him capture the gang and go free. Could the Marshall be her saving grace? Or is he using her? Life has taught her to trust is foolish, but her heart h... [Read More...]