Alpha Bosses: A Secret Baby Romance Box Set

Book 1: Keeping the Boss’ Baby. One night together and we both forgot our troubles for a few hours. Now two years later she walks back into my life. Despite my better judgement, I give her a job. One that keeps her a little too close to me. Just where I want her. Always. Now the walls are tumbling down around me. Paige isn’t who I thought she was, and worse yet, She’s keeping a secret that will blow my whole world apart. Book 2: Keeping the Billionaire’s Baby He wants my family’s comp... [Read More...]

SEAL of Silence

Three years after the love of his life is shot down over Syria, Navy SEAL James Cooper has finally accepted her death. The private security business he founded with his brothers-in-arms helps him focus on the present. Whole days go by when Coop doesn’t grieve for the dark-haired Air Force captain with the mesmerizing indigo eyes…until she returns from the dead. $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Showing Off The Goods

My guy best friend needs a best man, and he’s asking me—a girl. Not that I’m surprised. We’ve been inseparable since birth. Who else was he going to ask. Juggling this wedding and being a single mom is going to be a feat. But I got this. All is rolling smoothly until my friends shake up another tradition. Seems the bride is asking a guy to be her maid of honor. And not just any guy either. Her brother. My ex. Unfortunately, this guy is hot as hell. He’s also a demon that crawled right... [Read More...]

Hope Eternal Ranch Romance: Three Sweet Contemporary Western Romances

“A great journey of second chances.” ~Glenda, Amazon reviewer “New twist on cowboy romances: You had me from the first chapter! Excellent writing!” ~lavendarma, Amazon reviewer Meet the first three cowboys who go to Hope Eternal Ranch in this boxed set that contains 3 full-length sweet contemporary cowboy romances. You’ll get HOPEFUL COWBOY, OVERPROTECTIVE COWBOY, and RUGGED COWBOY, all of which feature a cowboy looking for a second chance at life, love, and happine... [Read More...]

Mountain Men of Liberty Series

Journey to the picturesque mountains of Liberty, and take part in the heart-pumping romances of four deliciously rugged mountain men and the lucky ladies who capture their frozen hearts. All four books hit the Amazon Top 100 charts! Book One: Triplets for the Mountain Man **An Amazon top 16 Bestseller!** It’s the perfect arrangement With a doctor on the mountains. A secret NO ONE can know. He gets his family – and I avoid my nightmare. But can Abe save us when we need him most Book Two:... [Read More...]

Bedding Mr. Birdsong

Beautiful women fly in and out of Matthew Birdsong’s apartment, but no one has a permanent roost there. Matt caged his heart after a bitter divorce. Zaney Miller, his neighbor, believes she can set Matt’s heart free to love again. But can she do it without falling in love with him and breaking her own heart in the process? Set in New York City, this story centers on the age-old question — Can men and women just be friends? In this case, it’s doubtful since Matt and Zaney are att... [Read More...]


Lisa Nicks-Balthasar’s Believe! offers a transformational message that will inspire you to live your greatest life. Her moving story of healing from the grief of losing her beloved husband and emerging to love again demonstrates how to open your heart in the most difficult of times. A rich, powerful story you won’t want to put down. $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Jack Be Quick

To save her, he’ll have to be deadly, accurate, and most of all, quick… First grade teachers aren’t supposed to face life-and-death scenarios. But that’s exactly what happens when Suz Molloy is kidnapped. What she really needs is her ex-Navy SEAL fiancé. It’s just her unfortunate luck that he’s laid up in the hospital with no idea she’s even missing. When Jack McCullen wakes up from surgery to find Suz gone, his gut—and his psychic colleague at Iniquus—tells him Suz is in lif... [Read More...]

How I Stopped Being a Fatty (On the Outside)

In November 2012, Chris Wayne decided that he’d had enough of being fat. Since that day, Chris has lost over 50% of his peak weight (having lost 170 pounds) and has kept it off for the past 6 years. This book chronicles his weight loss journey from start until now, with the hope that others may be able to learn from his successes, as well as his failures. $1.49 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]