Hormone Balance Plan and Cookbook

The simple approach that has helped millions of people take back their lives from chronic pain & illness. How a Plan-Based approach can reset your endocrine system, restore energy, and fix your metabolism. Discover: The hidden factors throwing off your hormones that you consume every day unknowingly; 7 Day Plant-Based Meal Plan w/21 Recipes; Tips & Tricks for an easier transition, EVEN IF you’re not so keen on eliminating meat & dairy; The 4 simple steps to target sources of pain ... [Read More...]

Bella Cigna

Devastated by personal loss, Sarah Flynn escapes to Rome where she finds a job teaching English. Only the girls’ school is like a nunnery and she’s expected to speak fluent Italian overnight. What has she gotten herself into? While the beautiful sights rekindle her interest in art, not even her brush finding canvas can heal all the wounds she carries. She’ll need the help of a meddling nun, a nutty mathematician, and a handsome Italian admirer. Can Sarah overcome the insecurities born... [Read More...]

Love Delayed in Dublin: A True Springs Steamy Contemporary Romance

They’ve lost eight years—what will they risk now for true love? Jordan Cross and Conor Byrne shared one magical New Year’s Eve in NYC… and then he disappeared. Eight years later, Jordan still hasn’t been able to forget her Irishman. When her long time boyfriend proposes, Jordan realizes she should have broken it off long ago. Is she destined to land the wrong guy—or find real love? She knows the answer lies halfway around the world, in Dublin. If she can just find Conor, she can ... [Read More...]


Dreams abandoned, out of work and uninspired, guitar prodigy Joe Harper is a sensitive, struggling character, rapidly approaching his mid-30s and haunted by a history of failure. With a promising future in music long forgotten, Joe is resigned to a life of virtual seclusion, listless among his beloved redwood trees. But when he receives word from his long lost love, October, informing him of her upcoming art exhibit, Joe is awash with memories of the past and must ultimately decide if cowardice... [Read More...]