The Gifted Ones Trilogy

The Gifted Ones Trilogy
Twelve powerful teens. One charismatic leader. A society divided by good and evil.

Paradise, Texas. Twelve teens have survived too many tragedies to ignore the coincidences to their favorite childhood fairytale. So when their shared dream and external forces lead them to the fairytale destination in search of answers, they join forces to find each other and answers. But when they arrive, one traitor jeopardizes their chance to ban together for the battle of their lives.

He was sent to Earth to build a protective force, but his greed took precedence over truth and light. With most of the Gifted Ones’ protection removed and the prophecy in his possession, all he needs is the twelve royals in one place so he can claim their powers as his own and rule all. But when the twelve join forces at the place where it all began, he learns there’s a traitor in his force, and he must play the traitor’s hand.

But with more questions than answers, only two protective forces between them, and their own traitor keeping the Gifted Ones from learning the truth…

Can the Gifted Ones stop the one who has orchestrated their lives before he stops them and takes their powers?

The Gifted Ones Trilogy is a captivating new series of universal dominance. If you like young heroes and heroines, gritty settings, and life or death battles, then you love P.G. Shriver’s emotional trilogy.

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