Forging of a Knight, Rise of the Slavekeepers

The second book in the Forging of a Knight series! Qualtan has become a knight at last. With Glaive, the half-orcne thief by his side, he will join a host of new friends: Jesepha, the strong-willed female knight; her mentor, the elder knight Bartholomew, who carries a strange secret; the young and hot-headed knight Euric; the glum and impatient knight Richard; and the dashing merchant lord Visandus. A seemingly routine mission will unravel into one of greater horror, involving loathsome creatur... [Read More...]

Claimed By The Alpha Wolf

My dark past haunts my new reality. I’m not just a firefighter. I’m also the newly appointed Alpha of the Shadowbrook wolf-shifter pack. But that isn’t the only thing that’s changed. I’ve partnered with Grace. The sexy police officer in search of missing children. She knows it’s best to accept my help. But Grace is smart. She also knows that I can’t keep my hands off of her. Well, neither can she. She won’t admit it, but we’re meant to be. I want to claim her as my mate. Mark ... [Read More...]

Spontaneous Love

Love is not on Sheila’s side. She isn’t sure if she just has terrible taste in men, or if she actually changes nice guys into total jerks, but she’s done with romance. Her resolve hasn’t been challenged for the past three years—but that was before she met Ethan Wolf. Still, if she can focus on building her decorative metal pieces, maybe she can work him out of her system. Ethan’s time as an Army paratrooper is nearly over and he’s been looking for a place to settle down and start ... [Read More...]

New Orleans Dangerous

The first vampires arrived in New Orleans 300 years ago. Many believe they are still there. Book 8 of Eric Wilder’s standalone and wildly entertaining French Quarter Mystery Series set in that exotic, erotic Mecca known as New Orleans. One Amazon reviewer said, “I have read every book in the series and while I like them all, I just have to say New Orleans Dangerous is the best one yet.” Take a trip to the Big Easy. You’ll never want to leave. $1.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Breaking Her Crown

Princess Alexa is letting her bad girl out at the May Ball tonight. Starting with the barely-there gown she’s wearing to the big event. Prince Sebastion has sworn off love, until one look at Alexa has him wanting to make her his in every wicked, beautiful way he can. Even if it means destroying his heart all over again. Breaking Her Crown is the first book of eight in the HOT NEW Royal Rules Academy series by debut author, Jessica Saint. Each book in the series can be read as a standalone, wi... [Read More...]

Free: Flying High Through the Course of Life – The Challenge: Thinking Your Way to Self-Realization

This book offers you a chance to soar, presenting 200 practical suggestions and guidance to a life of self-fulfillment. It may enable you to conduct yourselves in the face of the challenges life presents in the modern world in matters of parenthood, education, gender and more. ... [Read More...]

Free: Audrey – Just A Girl

In school, alone. Drawing an image of a shadowy man repeatedly. Audrey is an outcast and her mother wants to help. Seeking her daughter’s estranged father leads to a discovery. A solution is revealed in Audrey’s half-brother Jaden, but Laura’s little girl is changing in disturbing ways and she fears for her life because Audrey… isn’t just a girl. ... [Read More...]

They the Pretty Stars

In Maywood Heights stars burn bright. They fall even harder. When December Lindquist enrolls at Windsor Preparatory Academy she hopes to find her sister, so a run-in with local bad boy Royal is the last thing she needs. This is his school. This is his town and if December isn’t careful.. he may own her too. A scandalous and thrilling read! $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Entrepreneurial Investing: Connecting Sophisticated Capital with Talented Small Business

Imagine being offered a chance to invest in a solid, debt-free, profitable company that was going to go public tomorrow at below market rates. Now imagine getting that offer twenty or more times a year. This is the model that Callum Laing and his team have been working on since 2015. By marrying the capital markets with the small business ecosystem, Entrepreneurial Investing shows you how you can start investing today in projects that have the fast growth of a tech company, the dividend policy ... [Read More...]