Have you ever had recurring dreams that were so vivid that you were surprised to wake up and find that you’d only been dreaming? Not unusual. Recurring dreams are very common and usually mean that there is something in your life that you’ve not acknowledged, that is causing stress… or fear.

But what about recurring dreams that actually predict the future? Not everyone has a precognitive dream, and despite what skeptics say, many people have experienced prophetic dreams that have predicted the future. These dreams are not forced or able to be controlled. They are a spontaneous occurrence.

They Shall Dream Dreams: Prophetic Dreams in the 21st Century, by Dianne Latham Ferguson with June Saunders, tells of her personal experience with prophetic dreams. Some that she’d had as a small child. One of them predicting 9/11 and other life-changing events in her life. Coincidence? No way!
No one can deny that our world today is in turmoil. Those of us who have lived for any length of time have seen things that we’ve never seen before. What does it all mean? What can we expect next? Have you ever asked yourself, “Where is God when I am hurting?” or “Why does God allow these things?”

Many of these questions are addressed in the powerful book, They Shall Dream Dreams: Prophetic Dreams in the 21st Century. $4.99 on Kindle
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