Love and dating in Atlanta

Tulipe Pascere‘s Urban Marriage Volume 8 delves into the world of love and dating for those who are nervous. Unlike other volumes in the series that follow the lives of lesbian Katie, her wife Della, and her daughter, this installment focuses on Aubrey, an anxious “Atlanta Girl,” as she navigates the challenges of online and offline dating. With guidance from her more experienced friends Charlee and Sherri, Aubrey faces male expectations, societal beliefs, and the realities of dating.

Urban Marriage Volume 8

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The book blends fiction with practical advice for Christian singles, maintaining a respectful and straightforward tone towards modern beliefs and practices. Through Aubrey’s journey, the book offers readers advice on refining their dating expectations, using Aubrey’s experiences as a guide. Aubrey proves to be an ideal reader stand-in as she grapples with the reasons for using online dating, the disappointments of real-life dating, and her tendency to self-sabotage. The story also highlights the importance of female pleasure, while also not shying away from the realities of sexual assault and generational trauma.

As with other volumes in the series, Aubrey is part of a larger network of female characters, but this volume works well as a standalone story. The book is not afraid to challenge stereotypes and its ending is left open-ended, reflecting the uncertainty of life, marriage, and fiction.