Home to Clare Harbor Series

Looking for clean women’s fiction with a kick of suspense and mystery? Look no further than the 10-book Home to Clare Harbor series by author Jacie Middlemann.

Middlemann’s saga begins with a diverse range of characters preparing for a devastating storm that threatens their homes and their lives. Each book dives deeper into the personal tragedies, struggles, and triumphs of each character to keep readers hooked.

If you love thrillers and contemporary family dramas, keep reading to get a sneak peek into the world of Clare Harbor!

Home to Clare Harbor Boxset (Books 1-3)

Get started on the Home to Clare Harbor series by collecting the first 3 books in a single boxset! This collection includes the titles Before the Storm, Storm Clouds, and Storm Winds, introducing us to the main characters of Sara Merryn, John McKie, and Senator Gareth Dyersen. As the storm looms closer to the small town of Clare Harbor, these protagonists struggle to get themselves and their families out of harm’s way.

Tempest of the Storm

Senator Gareth Dyersen has offered up his mountainside home to several of his neighbors during the deadly storm raging outside. He feels lucky to be surrounded by people with survival knowledge, military experience, and other helpful skills that make life feel a little less scary. There may even be a budding romance or two starting within the small group.

Gathering Storm

The storm may be over, but life is far from normal in Senator Gareth Dyerson’s home. After a kidnapping case attracts the attention of a federal agent to Clare Harbor, the group slowly becomes aware of a growing threat to their existence and must fortify the rustic mountainside abode to ensure their long-term survival.

Storm Warning

As new types of storms continue to build and threaten the lives of the Clare Harbor residents huddled together in Senator Dyersen’s home, Gareth tries to figure out an old family secret that could be their saving grace. Hundreds of years ago, his relatives created a secret safe haven to protect themselves during times of trouble. Now, Gareth must solve this mystery to save himself and everyone else seeking shelter from the dangers outside.

Fury of the Storm

In the seventh installment of the Home to Clare Harbor series, the continued power outage that impacts the entire country is the least of anyone’s concern. Tension in Washington, D.C. is slowly building as legislators try to identify suspects in the nationwide siege that has put countless lives at risk. Senator Dyersen is brought in to assist with this overwhelming project and soon realizes how much danger the country is truly in.

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Need to know how the story ends? Check out the final books in the Home to Clare Harbor series: Storm Tide, Quiet in the Storm, and After the Storm.