Matching Allie

Two enthusiastic fans of physical pleasure. Two insatiable cynics who refuse to let pointless things like emotions get in the way of a good time. Both of them have been there and done that. They love their passionate, care-free lives. What happens when the two of them collide? The physical part’s easy. Comfortable. Familiar. The annoying feelings that come after? Not so much. ... [Read More...]

Lucky Daddy

A second chance with my brother’s best friend. A fake arrangement. A miracle pregnancy. Do you think my luck is finally coming around?! Reilly O’Hara’s the biggest, sexiest man I’ve ever known. He’s a drool-worthy Irish stud, but completely off-limits. Five years ago, I left town, leaving my dreams of him behind. But a stroke of bad luck brought me back home and landed him in my bedroom. That night he stole a kiss and reignited my buried passion… Turns... [Read More...]

Free: His Captive Virgin, Her Most Prized Possession

I’m being hunted by a billionaire. A mad man that will stop at nothing to take from the one thing I hold dear to me, my most prized possession. I don’t think I can stop him from getting what he wants, but He will stop at nothing to claim me and my most prized possession. “He found out a secret about me and now he’s blackmailing me to get what he wants. I have no other choice but to obey him and let him take me raw and endless.” Ethan is a powerful billionaire very possessive dominant ... [Read More...]


No way will I let anyone else buy her v card. I’m her boss but Kiki hates me. She says I’m the reason she has to sell her virginity in the first place. Whenever I’m around her I feel emotions I’ve never felt before. I’m falling for her… hard. As the curtain rises for the auction Kiki’s on stage, her big green eyes betraying her vulnerability. I can’t take anymore, I have to have her. All of her. I win Kiki for the night, but she doesn’t want to sell her virginity to me... [Read More...]

Matched, Austen

An out of work hairdresser, her childhood crush and summer on Nantucket Olivia Justice is trying to get back to real life after appearing on a reality dating show. She needs a job to support her mother’s long-term care and after no luck with openings in a hair salon, she accepts a position as a nanny–at the summer house, her parents used to own. The one good thing is that her best friend, Ella, will be there–along with Ella’s older brother, the guy Olivia has carried a t... [Read More...]