Stranded with the Billionaire (Snowbound Billionaires Book 1)

With a snowstorm on the way, she needs someone to keep her warm… I had to see her one last time. Fiona’s gorgeous red hair and luscious curves are impossible to forget. She runs a soup kitchen, taking care of people in need. But I want to take care of her. She thinks I’m an ordinary volunteer. But I’m the billionaire who increased her funding.I’m supposed to be on a plane to Europe. It’s a fresh start and a chance to run the show.I only stop by for a quick visit, but the weathe... [Read More...]

Billionaire Thirst: A Billionaire Romance

David is the man that everyone looks to when he enters a room. He had the body of hard labor, but he was known in the city for his tough business deals. David remembers Bo and everything that they did together underneath the stars in Eleanor. She was the only woman to make him feel and he wanted that feeling back. Badly Bo was anticipating a big interview. It was with a billionaire that came from nothing and she always liked those kinds of stories. Even more when she was the one writing it. Bo ... [Read More...]

Love You Forever

When I left her, I was still in love with her. She was the person I loved most in the world, and I had hurt her. But hopefully not beyond repair. It was a rough six years, but now that I’m back, I will stop at nothing to get her back in my life. I don’t care that she has a kid, either. I will love Raya like she’s my own. I’m going to give them both the life they deserve. It’s not because I’ve waited for six years and can’t let go. It’s not because college was the best four years... [Read More...]

Mountain Man’s Girl

It was a new start at life. And one me and my little girl needed badly. My ex-husband took everything from us, his greed knows no bounds. So we left and hid in a little mountain town in Canada. Our future promising to be new and untainted. But I’m done with men for a long while. Love is too hard, and it demands too much. And yet, it refuses to let me slide by untouched in my new life. The strong, handsome, silent-type threatens to steal my heart. He quite possibly could. We’re both running ... [Read More...]

Free: Journey’s End

When Sydney botanist Kim Sullivan and her husband inherit Journey’s End, a rundown farm high on the Great Eastern Escarpment, they dream of one day restoring it to its natural state. Ten years later, however, Kim is tragically widowed. Selling up is the only practical option, so she and her children head to the mountains to organise the sale. The last thing Kim expects is for Journey’s End to cast its wild spell on them all. The family decides to stay, and Kim forges on with plans t... [Read More...]

Free: A Tycoon’s Rush

Natalie’s job is to hunt down reclusive Olympic skier Charlie Ahlers, and bring him back into the spotlight. Reluctant to leave his quiet life in the Alps, he agrees to return to the US—but only if Natalie spends the weekend with him on the slopes. Sparks fly as the innocent ski lesson turns into a romantic getaway, and Natalie learns the dark secret that kept Charlie out of the limelight. Charlie might be irresistible, but can she trust him with her heart? ... [Read More...]