Mail Order Bride And Her Barren Shame

Being a mail-order bride was her only chance – to shake away the shame that weighed on her shoulders. Ruth Gibson is a hardworking woman who wants to be treated as an equal. But every man she meets treats her as an inferior. She can stand it no longer. So, she looks west. Rumors have it that frontier women work alongside men and some of them even own their own land. That is the dream. The quickest way to get to the west is to become a mail order bride. But there’s one problem… She has to ... [Read More...]

The Surf’s Up Collection (Romance Box Set)

bTry the Surf’s Up romance collection from bestselling & award-winning author Beth Wiseman. Each Surf’s Up novella takes the reader to a beach locale, weaving romance and adventure into a soul-soothing journey of hope. The collection includes: A Tide Worth Turning Addison and Logan aren’t in the market for love. She’s recovering from a breakup, and he is hiding out on Galveston Island, trying to save enough money to get back to his country of origin before his world crashes down aro... [Read More...]


I’m done with my old ways. No more bar fights, making enemies, or this dangerous lifestyle. I won’t blame her if she chooses the safe route. I am the road less traveled. And trouble will inevitably find its way back to me one way or another. $0.99 on Kindle ... [Read More...]

Waking the Lion

Rhett Gentry is the well-known Captain for the Dallas Blue Hawks. Tall. Dark. Handsome. Distant. Detached. Impolite. Days are all the same for Rhett after the tragic death of his wife. Work. Promises. Obligations. It is what it is. Until it isn’t. Our chemistry is undeniable. Unmistakable. But as much as my heart longs for his, I fear his past may very well prevent our future. More than anything I want to believe it’s true and real between us, but my heart keeps telling me there’s only on... [Read More...]

All the Curves

A collection of the first 3 short stories in Sara Hazel’s ALPHAS LOVE CURVES series! High Heat BBW Romance you’re gonna love. SUPERNOVA: An Older Alpha Man Younger BBW Friends to Lovers Romance COME FOR ME: An Older Alpha Man Younger BBW Billionaire Romance LAST ROMANCE: An Older Alpha Man Younger BBW Rock Star Second Chance Romance Sara Hazel writes stories of curvy women who learn they can have it all — adventure, career, and love. There is always a hot Alpha Man who sees the br... [Read More...]