Persephone’s Spring

Spring 2020, the Covid 19 virus declared its war to conquer every continent. This pandemic was a world-wide tragedy of historic proportions. I wrote one villanelle per day during the San Francisco Bay Area’s shelter-in-place 3/16/2020 to 5/3/2020. This year, Persephone did not come back from the underworld, Spring Maiden did not bring spring to us. I searched all over for her; I ran and ran like Forrest Gump… Yes, we suffered, we witnessed deaths and the picture of what death is like; we tr... [Read More...]

The Phantom Glare of Day

In this trio of novellas, three game young ladies enter into dangerous liaisons that test each one’s limits and force them to confront the most heartrending issues facing society in the early twentieth century. The Phantom Glare of Day tells of Sophie, a young lady who has lived a sheltered life and consequently has no idea how cruel public school bullying can be. When she meets Jarvis, a young man obsessed with avenging all those students who delight in his daily debasement, she resolves to ... [Read More...]


Calabritto is a novel about a mountain village in central Italy taking place in the early seventies and the eccentric characters that weave their stories in and around each other. Written in Tony Nesca’s classic free-flow, stream of consciousness, the prose itself mesmerizes and captivates, drawing the reader into a tragi-comedy that unfolds an intricate tapestry of human experience. $2.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Pearly Everlasting

“Awarded a Reader’s Favorite 5-Star Editorial Book Review Dec 2022!” Pearly Everlasting tells the story of Salvia Fischetti, a painter tortured by guilt over her daughter’s death. Morgan Pochyrus is a biker poet consumed by guilt over secrets in his own past. The unlikely meeting of the pair — and their valiant attempts to save an infant facing a life-threatening illness — lead both characters toward healing in an unexpected way, in this gripping and beautifully written ... [Read More...]

A Giant Comes: A Literary Dark Comedy

One day a boy delivers a very important package to an elderly man who refuses receipt… Desperate to fulfill the sender’s request, the boy demands to know why and the elderly man weaves for the boy the tale of a traveler who brings a village a grim warning and of the skeptical orphan he takes under his wing. As the warning disrupts the village’s routine, the orphan begins to wonder if there are worse things than the giant they say comes. A Giant Comes is a powerful and moving t... [Read More...]

Adoration of the Goddess: A poetry collection about love and sexuality

Adoration of the Goddess is a powerful collection of poems that speaks to the heart and soul of all who seek to explore the depths of love and sexuality. Through lyrical language and vivid imagery, these poems capture the beauty of the divine feminine and her power to heal and to inspire. From the sensual to the spiritual, Adoration of the Goddess is a must-read for anyone seeking to explore the depths of their innermost desires. With its passionate voice and deep reverence for the goddess, Ado... [Read More...]

The Littel Tale Of Wintering

THE SECRET OF THIS WINTER’S TALE HIDES IN PLAIN SIGHT December 2022; Littel Wade village, Dorset. In the four days leading to Christmas as dark nights fall, darker secrets rise. Seemingly impossible objects are discovered in a scrapyard that may be home to much more than just junk, while two friends try to unravel why their village is bereft of smiles, and how events of hundreds of years ago could change everything for one of them.The Littel* Tale Of Wintering is a story to be enjoyed as the ... [Read More...]