Free: Escape to Osprey Cove

Doug has grown up poor, envying what others have. So when he meets wealthy Catherine, he thinks she is his ticket to all he desires. After marrying her for her wealth, he finds that he covets one more thing — independence. The mystery begins with a discovery in the secret compartment of his new Corvette that will grant him this independence and change his and Catherine’s life forever. Catherine finds an escape at The Osprey Cove Lodge and an opportunity to rebuild her life. Who does... [Read More...]

Free: Awakening

“Matt’s recent work is a beautiful collection of writing that gives voice to my own soul. This may sound weird (or over the top) but his poetry is like rich earth that grows ideas, wonder, joy and so much more. As an English teacher I am always looking for poets to share with my students and I cannot wait to introduce them to Matt’s work!” “Our hearts were made for melding, can’t you feel them in the fire? Our every dream can come true, when we choose to live together.&#... [Read More...]

Spin Drift

Thrillers where bullets are flying, bodies dropping and hearts breaking Her life changed in a flash. No longer the crime boss princess. To survive, Sloane is thrown into a Mossad training facility. The only thing standing in her way is a target she must eliminate. Does she succeed or find herself at the mercy of her father’s henchmen? Originally, part of Russell Blake’s JET Amazon Kindle Worlds. This short story is a prequel to the Silent Secrets Series. $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Mr Sexy Sinner

I’m only interested in a good time. Nothing too serious. But the chemistry between me and my new client is off the charts. My go-to is to get the girl, have some fun, then part ways, friends or not. Her choice. The office romance budding between us leaves me wanting to break my own rules. Then I remember why I put them in place. My father left when I was young. Love seems out of reach. It did for my mom. It does for me. This woman is beautiful, curvy, and smart as hell though. And she challen... [Read More...]

Free: Dare Me (The Pierce Boys of Georgia)

Boring. Unchanging. Normal. That’s Raquel’s life. A nice boyfriend, a few friends. She was content, or at least that’s what she’s convinced herself. The racing thoughts, the urge for more, It never really leaves her. It lingers under the tricks she plays with her mind to fit in. To blend. But when her mom announces they have to move in with Raquel’s grandma halfway through senior year, content is no longer an option. Now she’s on his turf, his rules. From the moment she stepped foot... [Read More...]

Free: Innocence Lost

After catching her husband cheating on her, Kylie escapes to a dude ranch where she finds comfort with not ONE but TWO wranglers. Kylie isn’t so innocent now. Is she? The Lone Mountain Ranch series is a delicious collection of novels filled with cowboys, sex, and adventure about a young woman discovering that you don’t have to be a good girl to be a good person. Life is both fleeting and dangerous, there is no point in denying yourself pleasure or being anything other than what you are. It ... [Read More...]

Free: Richter’s War: Case of the Ghostly Séance

The hunt for Nazi spies just took another paranormal turn, which means hardboiled detective Geno Richter is soon embroiled in wartime action, mystery, and suspense. As Geno combats an evil Nazi plan to harness supernatural forces, double-dealing associates complicate matters, and an evil entity lures him into a high-stakes and deeply personal war. Free on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

The Intrepid Brotherhood: Public Power, Corruption, and Whistleblowing in the Pacific Northwest

Deep corruption threatened to ruin jobs and harm lives. Intimidation, distrust, and secrecy became the norm among the executive management group of Chelan County Public Utility. Even in a small and semirural American government, corrupt leaders aren’t simply dishonest and immoral. They’re dangerous. A board of directors should hold wrongdoers accountable, but sometimes that responsibility falls to righteous employees. A riveting and relevant memoir, The Intrepid Brotherhood details a classi... [Read More...]

Free: Vanuri Down

When a spaceship crashes on a deserted alien world, there is only one unit who can respond: Imperial Rescue Technicians. On the surface of this hostile planet, the rain is constant, nothing electrical works and unknown terrors lurk in the darkness. For the crew of the Vanuri, their survival depends on a few brave Rescue Techs who can get down to the surface and save them from the planet’s horrors before it’s too late. Free on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Free: Ruins on Stone Hill

What do you get when you mix a novice wizard, a reckless warrior, a sharp-tongued thief, & a saintly cleric? Swords, sorcery, & sarcasm. They didn’t set out to be heroes, but the little town of Ravenford was in desperate need. Before they knew it they were facing fierce monsters, black mages, and even remnants of the dread Thrall Masters. Free on Kindle. ... [Read More...]