Free: No Going Back

Delve into the mind of a paranoid novelist who’s terrified of becoming famous. No Going Back is a slow burner of a novel about Brian Weathers, a writer who’s had his fair share of success. However, he’s always avoided fame at any costs and prefers to remain out of the spotlight. So what’s going to happen when a single photo threatens his precious anonymity? Free on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Free: History of Baseball for Kids: Basic Knowledge of Baseball with Some Fun Facts and Records

The perfect baseball companion for curious young minds. Is your home buzzing with all things baseball? Do you find your child transfixed during matches? Are they constantly asking questions about the game and the players? Rightly dubbed ‘the spirit of America’, baseball continues to enjoy high popularity as America’s favourite pastime — and has done ever since the early 20th century. According to Forbes, Major League Baseball continues to attract more than 8 million viewers from Ame... [Read More...]

MIDNIGHT SUN: An Alaskan Romantic Suspense (A Grant & Daniels Trilogy Book 1)

Wyatt, Alaska is a place of family, beauty, and unspeakable tragedy. A couple of years after Aaron Grant lost his wife and daughter in a fire, one of his daughter’s best friends, Sarah, is kidnapped. After spending the last two years as the town drunk, he reluctantly investigates the kidnapping along with the ambitious FBI Agent Teresa Daniels. The case takes several twists and turns, which will end up leaving the whole town of Wyatt in the wake of destruction. In the Arctic and Antarctic Cir... [Read More...]

American Brush-Off

It’s 1942, and Lud Mueller is an All-American boy. He’s got it all—looks, athletic ability, popularity and the sweetest girl between Chicago and New York. Now, the only country he’s ever known has a plan to tear his life to pieces without giving him a fighting chance. Interned in the Texas desert, he and his family become pawns in a secret WWII plan. Out of necessity, he learns brains trump brawn. $2.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

The Reformation of Nate Adare

A teacher’s worst nightmare, Nate Adare is a bully, an opportunist, a cheater, and an all-around jerk. Separation from his father has left a deep, emotional pain creating a major source of his rage against the world. It’s already tainted his present and looms large in scarring his future. It threatens his relationship with his girlfriend, Rose. Now, through a genetic code, his ancestry—in more ways than he cares to encounter—becomes his only hope for turning his life around, whether he ... [Read More...]

Soldiers of Freedom

SOLDIERS OF FREEDOM is the true story of the 1944-1945 War in Western Europe and the final Allied struggle to conquer Nazi Germany. The story is told through the eyes of William McBurney, a tank gunner in the 761st Tank Battalion, the first African-American tank unit in U.S. $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Free: Terror in Brief

A collection of 200 chilling horror stories that are just two sentences long. Though these horrific stories are very short indeed, they may still give you the creeps. Encounter corrupt people of pure evil, come face to face with bloodcurdling monsters and beings and bear witness to deadly phenomena. Free on Kindle. ... [Read More...]