Frail Earth: Is Science and Technology Dooming the Planet?

Looking for a different perspective on the scientific status quo? Author and painter Yuval Kanev offers his unique observations and opinions in his latest nonfiction work, Frail Earth: Threatened by Scientists. This book is geared to be a controversial, contradicting the thoughts that so many people have about our leading scientists today. Nonetheless, Kanev’s book is humorous and thought-provoking, which should interest curious critical thinkers and concerned citizens alike.

Kanev has published a few other nonfiction titles since the 1980s, which can be found on his website. Here, you can also view his eclectic collection of paintings and gallery exhibits. Additionally, Kanev has an author account on Goodreads, where you can follow him, ask questions, and see what books he’s currently reading.

Frail Earth: Threatened by Scientists

Yuval Kanev begins this work of nonfiction with a simple premise: We have been rapidly creating new technologies for the past 300 years, and while this development has greatly improved our lives, it may become the trigger of our destruction, raising questions worth exploring.

Many scientists today are respected and revered by the general population. But it is also a fact that the hazardous technologies at our disposal were provided by brilliant scientists.

Although scientists are not usually held responsible for the ways their discoveries may be weaponized by countries or organizations, Kanev nevertheless questions the integrity of everyone involved with scientific advancements.

Furthermore, Kanev asks these key questions throughout the book:

        • Are scientists taking ownership for their mistakes and mishaps?
        • Have modern scientific breakthroughs reduced the chances of human survival?
        • Is there such a thing as “too much” scientific knowledge?

This book approaches science from a philosophical perspective, offering analogies such as the infamous Trojan horse from Greek mythology, in an effort to describe how science is leading us towards our very demise. Whether or not you agree with Kanev’s perspective is up to you. In any case, this book provides an opportunity for readers to engage their critical thinking in agreeing or disagreeing with the author’s arguments. After all, every technology and scientific advancement has both positive and negative affect on humanity. What will be the fate of all 8 billion of us humans? Time will tell.