Earth Cat Zero: Last Cat Meowing

Earth Cat Zero: Last Cat Meowing
Cat + Teen + Strange Quantum Physics incident = ?

It is the limitations of our existence which make us love life and the beings we meet along the way. When teenager Miranda Ellis finds herself responsible for displacing the domestic cat population, sacrifice, love and hope may be her biggest armament against forces which seek to use the science mishap as a weapon. Heartbroken over losing her cat Joule along with billions of other pet owners – Miranda learns the quantum recipe has been changed to displace all cats. Yet in their place, a green and blue cat appears out of quantum thin air via a particle collider acceleration.

As Earth Cat Zero proves the existence of quantum entanglement-living in both particle and waveform simultaneously-unnamed forces work to use the accident to selfish human advantages. Can a team led by Earth Cat Zero, a teen girl and an eccentric doctor use not only quantum physics – but love and compassion – to keep our universe spinning on course? $0.99 on Kindle.

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