Learn How to Recognize and Overcome Gaslighting

Feeling like you are being manipulated in one of your relationships? Maybe it’s gotten so bad it feels like abuse? It could be gaslighting.

What is gaslighting?

Gaslighting is form of manipulation where one person distorts facts and memories to invalidate another person’s sense of self. It often leaves you second-guessing yourself or apologizing when you’re not at fault. A gaslighter uses subtle manipulation to make you question whether or not they really did or said something you know they did. The constant manipulation and criticism can make you feel as though you don’t trust your own perspective. And soon the gaslighter has you feeling insecure, questioning your own judgement, and feeling powerless.

If any of this feels close to home, self-help author Tara Wilson offers a practical solution to victims of manipulation. In her new workbook, Wilson offers tips, exercises, and helpful strategies to recognize when you’re being gaslit and how you can recover from the abuse. Unlike other self-help books, this workbook is designed with actionable steps to help you make real progress in your relationship.

How to recover from gaslighting

Wilson’s book Gaslighting Recovery Workbook: Actionable Strategies and Exercises to Recognize The Manipulation, Overcome The Emotional Abuse and Healing From Trauma is organized into 3 distinct sections. First, the reader will gain an in-depth understanding of what gaslighting is, how it impacts victims, and why people choose to gaslight others. In the next section, Wilson takes readers through a series of steps to help them develop the right kind of recovery plan for their specific situation. Lastly, the workbook ends with a section dedicated to healing from emotional abuse.

The workbook challenges you to learn, grow and overcome emotional abuse. Gaslighting victims will have to come face-to-face with the reality of their situation, which might require them to reread certain chapters or complete exercises a few times before the knowledge truly sinks in. However, the work is worth it. Wilson’s advice and strategies can transform your life and relationships for the better.

Tara Wilson is a professional life coach who has spent over a decade leading workshops and training corporate leaders how to manage the stressors of modern society. As a mother, businesswoman, and author, Wilson understands how difficult it can be to balance a successful career and family life. Her goal is to help people develop lives they thoroughly enjoy by making incremental and sustainable changes. When Wilson isn’t teaching or training, she can often be found volunteering in her community, practicing yoga and mindfulness, or reading.


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