Could you live on a planet separated by sexes?

In the year 2100, Earth is overran by The Disturbed – Zombie – like creatures who can infect you with their spit or blood. Fearing for their life, a group of men and women make a hasty escape from planet Earth. For days they find themselves stuck in space and eventually develop powers. The women become telepathic, whereas the men become telekinetic.

When things seem hopeless, they finally find refuge on a planet called Gaia. There they begin anew, creating separate societies: a female society ruled by Highness called DIARA and a male society ruled by Emperor called SCIPIO. Both societies flourish and everyone appears to be happy and ignorant, or so they think.

500 years later

A young Essence and Horatio are snatched from their current lives by the very people Highness and Emperor trust with their lives, for a fight that no one is aware of. They’re both special, but neither one of them knows it yet. When these two meet for the first time, they discover a similarity they both share. One that makes them both targets of Highness and Emperor.

Join Essence and Horatio on Planet Gaia, where the lies are by the dozens, and the people you trust the most, should be the ones you fear $0.99 on Kindle.
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