Why Are You Still a Slave

Why are you still a Slave

WAYSAS is one of the few books about money that does not tell you how to make it. What you will learn, is how to understand it! Then you will have as much of it as you want.

Anyone can write a book about how they made money in business, property or shares but the truth is, unless you understand money, these vehicles will never lead you to it. Reading books like this are akin to reading about how someone won the lotto. There are 1000 ways to wealth and only a few will suit you. The chances of you finding a plan to wealth, that works for you in a book are slim. So better than a plan to make money, you need to understand money and that is what I will teach you.

Learn what Stops 98% of people succeeding at anything. Why two people with the same capital, idea, and timing can go to the market and have very different outcomes. Why one man goes broke and why one retires rich!.

The fact is, making money is easy, You don’t need a magic formula, lots of capital, great intelligence, beauty or even more time. What you do need is enough Faith to start playing the wealthy peoples game. Faith to play a game by rules you don’t understand, on a field you have never been on when you can not even see the goal posts. Just knowing the rules to that game won’t help you, unless you start playing by them and so you will need faith.

You think you need to understand them to play BUT that is why you’re Poor!. You just have to play the money game by the rules until you start to profit, only then will you understand.

Turning the steering wheel of the car will not change its direction until the car starts moving. Just knowing the right way to go will not help and so this book is not about that, Its about how to get the car started and get your life moving in the right direction! $2.99 on Kindle.

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